Friday, July 1, 2016

Its Lakewood so lets have fun

The vitriolic blame, hate and lies just keeps on popping up across social media as same old myths lies and fabrications are spread about the orthodox community of  Lakewood. Its embarrassing for the nonsense that people actually believe but that is how it has always been. Lakewood people dont pay taxes, Lakewood people dont have civil marriages,Lakewood people steal all the money from public school kids, Lakewood people, own the government, They build huge mansions all tax exempt, they are taking over buying up all the towns in a silent plot just like the Islamist's to control the world etc. When these comments and rumors are posted and not dispelled or fact checked it becomes the narrative. Lakewood drivers are the worst etc, no statistics or any facts to back up that claim but it has taken on a life of its own.  Stickers with slogans such as "Pray for me I drive in Lakewood" were distributed as a result. Perhaps the roads and infrastructure are the real culprit in these car accidents? has anyone noticed the many non Lakewood
residents driving in Lakewood who also get into accidents with other non Lakewood residents? How about neighboring townships or other cities across the US are they better drivers? no, but lets find another thing to blame Lakewood. Posting dash-cam videos for hits under the guise of "safety campaign" does no good either to dispel the myth.
Earlier this week state officials raided a institution in Lakewood. No one has any idea what it was about or what they are looking into, yest the speculations are flying. Media reports throwing out all sorts of garbage most of which is totally unrelated, comparing to raids in other areas trying to connect it. Everyone drumming up charges and accusations from their imaginations having a field day. Is this surprising at all? No its been that way but we cant let ignore it either. There are a few good Samaritans patrolling (or trolling) on social media calling out the bigots and and putting out the fires of hate.

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  1. Harold herskowitzJuly 1, 2016 at 11:41 AM

    You are all too correct about everything you are saying. It is so very unfortunate that we are all taking the blame and suffering g because we have a few people causing us to look bad. A few greedy inconsiderate leaders cause a snowball effect of hatred and vitriol against an entire community that is at worst as human as any other community and at best a shining example of kindness and selflessness, above all others.
    That is why we need to stand up against those that are making us look bad in the eyes of our neighbors. They need to see that we didn't make lakewood what it has become. We have no interest in turning their towns into what they can see is a rigged system that hurts the people, also known as Lakewood.