Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Is there a growing discontent from within?

APP- The recent opposition from the orthodox community at planing and zoning boards could be signaling a new trend reports APP reporter Shanon Mullen on covering the recent meetings "the fierce opposition the plan story faced may signal something else: growing discontent with the fevered pace of development from within the Orthodox Jewish community,whose surging population is the chief driver of Lakewood’s growth. In the past, some Orthodox residents have been reluctant to go public with such criticism, for fear of running afoul of religious leaders" according to the report.
The recent opposition by orthodox residents to a yeshiva and again this past Monday night residents came to speak out against the proposed apartment complex. read more at APP.com


  1. Halevai! I wish it is true that the Oilam is gonna stop being like sheep and start speaking up and putting and end to this insane overcrowding that is done for one reason.- the developer makes money from us and hurts us, he in turn owns the politicians cause they're getting something from him. The politicians own the future politicians on the planning and zoning board cause they put them there. The attorneys for these guys are all in this together because they make money. I promise you that if you will look at the contacts of any builder you will see the mayor, the planning board, the CEO, the banking board Rosh Mossad, and the lawyer all in there. You can also meet em all at any simcha of a local builder or politician. It's time to end this game. The hisgarus baumos amongs it all is appalling.

  2. Now if we can only channel all this frustration from the oilam into a candidate who will do the right thing.

  3. The members of these boards should be directly elected by the people not anointed by the secretariat.