Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A new taxi company in Lakewood?

Driving around Lakewood you may have noticed something different on the roads. A new taxi company suddenly popped up with a large fleet of  minivans, cars, and 15 passenger vans. A look in the rear view Mirror you see a taxi light on the roof behind you, the drivers are men of all stripes wearing hats, beards, ladies sporting Shaitels, or snoods not a sight you've seen before. Turns out its the latest camp shtick to hit the Lakewood cars and roads as boys camp season is about to begin. This taxi light one, is from camp Chevrah. Over the years local camps have produced lots of car paraphernalia for the campers to show their pride. Now, lets see what the other camps come up with. 


  1. Haha, had the same reaction first it was an odd looking scene i saw a yeshivish looking lady driving a taxi! than i chopped.
    You got me, Chevrah. Keep it up

  2. Is it legal to drive around with?