Sunday, July 31, 2016

KIds Sushi class at Gourmet Glatt Lakewood

Rabbi clarifies his words "Shtickle pioneer"

Hamodia reports- Rabbi Lefkowitz  of Agudah offered a clarification of his words in this video for those unfamiliar with the term, in wake of the uproar. “Someone, who does not speak Yiddish, misled the public. ‘Shtickle pioneer,’ in Yiddish, means that the pioneer is a small pioneer and adverse to risk. ‘Groise pioneer’ means that you are a big pioneer and ready to take big risks,” he said. 
LAKEWOOD, NJ - Representatives of Agudath Israel of America sharply denied and rebutted accusations of an organized strategy of “blockbusting” and the existence of a “decree” to members of the Orthodox community to move into towns surrounding Lakewood, leveled by officials of Jackson Township.

Body recovered in Lakewood, Lake Shanendoah LAKEWOOD — Authorities recovered a body from Lake Shenandoah Sunday morning, ending a search that began Friday evening, Lakewood police said. The body was recovered early Sunday, Lakewood police spokesman Lt. Gregory Staffordsmith. Police did not immediately identify the person. read more HERE

Friday, July 29, 2016

ערב שבת פרשת פינחס שבת מברכים חודש מנחם אב

Zemanim for Lakewood, NJ Parahas Pinchos July,29 2016 - 23 Tamuz 5776
Candle lighting 7:55
Shkiah 8:13
Rosh Chodesh Menachem Av: Friday, Aug. 5th 
The Molad is on Wednesday August 3, 2016 1:12 pm (2 chalakim)

Bochur injured in Brick crash thanks the klal for their Tefillos

One of the bochurim injured in a car accident at the Brick Lakewood border in June, thanked everyone for their tefillos in a letter posted on .

Many of you know me as Yehuda Nesanel ben Basha Baila, as you have been davening for me since the car accident at the beginning of June that almost took my life. Those in the medical field attest that the fact that I am writing this note at this juncture is miraculous. I say that it is thanks to all of your tefillos. I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude to Jews around the world, most of whom do not know me, who have davened for me.

NWS: flood advisory for Ocean county rain most of the day

The NWS issued a flood advisory shortly before 8 a.m. Friday, warning of flooding in low-lying areas in Monmouth and Ocean counties and parts of Mercer and Middlesex counties as well. Advisory is until noon EDT Today

No mention of Lakewood in Hillary Clinton nominee acceptance speech at DNC 2016

Lake Terrace manager at DNC
This time around Hillary did not Mention Lakewood, NJ as a furniture manufacturing town, she gave the title to the state of Ohio instead. A few weeks ago at a rally in Atlantic city, NJ she criticized Donald Trump for buying furniture made in Turkey and not from Lakewood, NJ. Last night at the democratic convention speech she went after Donald Trump  "He also talks a big game about putting America First. Please explain to me what part of America First leads him to make Trump ties in China, not Colorado. Trump suits in Mexico, not Michigan. Trump furniture in Turkey, not Ohio." 

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Things to do tonight in Lakewood

-Balloon Sculpting- At the Lakewood Library for tweens and teens on how to make balloon creations with a seasonal twist sign up here at 7-8:30 pm

-Community forum with law enforcement at the Lakewood Township Municipal Auditorium 321 Third Street, Lakewood, NJ  Thursday ,July 28, 2016 @ 7:00PM.

Good bye party to the Lakewood Police chief

Lakewood Vaad at farewell party

Audio: Rav Moshe Shternbuch hook up at Kollel shomrei hachomos in Lakewood

Questions were submitted by Lakewood residents.
English audio HERE
Yiddish audio HERE

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Vuss meint a schtickle?

A misinterpretation of the yiddish word "Shtickle" which means a small amount has caused Jackson township officials to file complaints and for an investigation with the Department of Justice and the NJ Attorney General over  remarks in a Agudah convention video regarding the Lakewood housing crisis.  Rabbi Lefkowitz called on members of the Orthodox community to become “schtickle pioneers” willing to settle in outlying areas that don’t currently have the same ready access to synagogues, yeshivas and kosher markets that make enclaves like Lakewood so convenient and attractive for Orthodox families.A local news site translated the word shtickle to mean moving to second class areas. APP reports The council believes the comment are evidence of neighborhood "blockbusting" efforts, but an Orthodox official says the comments are being misinterpreted. Read full story in

Lakewood events July 27 2016

-Pearl Blau parlor meeting Glatt Ambiance hall in Glatt bite 7:15 pm
-Torah Temima Lakewood Dinner 8:30 Tiferes Bais Yaakov hall 613 Oak street
-Cheder Toras Zev annual Dinner Neeimas Hachaim hall 7:30 pm
-Yeshiva Noam Hatalmud (R' Uri M. Kanarek) Parlor meeting at 8:15 pm
-Shidduch meeting event live  hook up from Rav Shmuel Kamenetzky 419 8th Street 10:00 pm

The Rishus continues a daily occurrence in lkwd

Another family broken and ripped apart. More living yesomim manufactured with our very own hands. 
Video uploaded on Youtube by First amendment activist

Shiva info for R' Tzvi Rackoff z"l

Shiva for R' Tzvi Rackoff z"l צבי אריה בן נחום אהרון is at 101 E Harvard Street between Park Ave & East End Ave. Only Mrs. Chana Elisheva Rackoff is sitting at this location, the rest of the family parents and siblings is sitting in Passaic. (Misaskim)
The family will be sitting Shiva at the Rackoff home at 411 Rutherford Blvd. Clifton NJ.  Message from the family: “Your support through this trying time was so uplifting to us and your Tefillos were priceless and are surely accompanying Tzvi and bringing many Yeshous to all of Klal Yisrael.”

A thank you letter to Mesameach from a Lakewood family

Yosef  Grady Zt"l 
To Lipa Schwarz and the Mesameach Crew, Reflecting upon the last few years brings back many memories but one will always bring a smile to our face. Mesameach. A medical diagnosis such as brain cancer is frightening. We were left in deep pain and utter shock. We didn't know how to continue living on but Yosef זצוק"ל taught us to take each day as it comes. With his steadfast emunah he begged us to remain happy and not to worry or cry. His complete being was Simcha and you, Mesameach, helped keep that flame burning. From the first month of his diagnosis to his very last week, you were constantly there to uplift his spirit with heartfelt song and dance. Coming home after his first surgery was heartbreaking. A young yeshiva bachur with a

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Is there a growing discontent from within?

APP- The recent opposition from the orthodox community at planing and zoning boards could be signaling a new trend reports APP reporter Shanon Mullen on covering the recent meetings "the fierce opposition the plan story faced may signal something else: growing discontent with the fevered pace of development from within the Orthodox Jewish community,whose surging population is the chief driver of Lakewood’s growth. In the past, some Orthodox residents have been reluctant to go public with such criticism, for fear of running afoul of religious leaders" according to the report.

Reb Meir Baal Hanes Kollel Shomrei Hachomos Annual Lakewood Dinner Live hook up answering Lakewood shailos

To submit questions or donate click HERE
Reb Meir Baal Hanes Kollel Shomrei Hachomos  Annual Lakewood Dinner TONIGHT, July 26, 2016  Tiferes Bais Yaakov Hall 613 Oak Street, Lakewood, NJ Reception: 8:45 Program: 10:00pm Sharp Elegant Buffet By Tessler Catering  HISTORIC EVENT FEATURING LIVE  VIDEO HOOKUP FROM ERETZ YISROEL WITH Q&A AND DIVREI BRACHA BY POSEK HADOR  MARAN HAGAON RAV MOSHE STERNBUCH SHLITA RA'AVAD EIDAH HACHAREIDIS 

Oif Simchas Lakewood July 26, 2016

Vort: Chosson Usher Weldler (Monsey) to Kallah Esty Stern Bas R' Shayki (Lkwd) Tues 7:30 at Khal Chasidim hall 1401 Cedar Row corner 14th st.

Vort: Chosson Gershon Landynski is engaged to Gitty Rottenberg from Antwerp tonight at 8:15 in Beis Hora'ah, corner 4th & Madison Lakewood

Vort: Chosson Sruly Goodman to Kallah, Goldstein (Baltimore) at Westgate Simcha hall 100 Ropschitz ct. 7:30 pm

A new taxi company in Lakewood?

Driving around Lakewood you may have noticed something different on the roads. A new taxi company suddenly popped up with a large fleet of  minivans, cars, and 15 passenger vans. A look in the rear view Mirror you see a taxi light on the roof behind you, the drivers are men of all stripes wearing hats, beards, ladies sporting Shaitels, or snoods not a sight you've seen before. Turns out its the latest camp shtick to hit the Lakewood cars and roads as boys camp season is about to begin. This taxi light one, is from camp Chevrah. Over the years local camps have produced lots of car paraphernalia for the campers to show their pride. Now, lets see what the other camps come up with. 

Photos: The Kosher Concession stand at the Democratic convention in Philly

   Photos: Gifter photos

Yeshiva Bais Reuvain Kamenitz gives plaque to LPD

Newly named Chief, Capt. Gregory Meyer and Capt Tom Langenberger graciously accept a plaque of appreciation that was given to us by Rabbi Avrohom Rabin and Staff from the Bais Reuven Kamenitz School. In attendance were approximately 150 students ranging from First to Fourth grade. (LPD FB page)

Shloshim seuda for Habachur Yosef Greidi Z'L

Friends and family of Habachur Yosef Greidi Z''L will be hosting a shloshim seuda and azkara this evening in Lakewood. The event will take place at Yeshiva Bais Pinchos 1951 New Central Avenue. Mincha at 7:30pm followed by the Siyum, Seuda and divrei zikaron.

Change of date for Annual Night Out Against Crime

The Lakewood Police Department invites the entire Lakewood Community to its Annual Night Out Against Crime. Tuesday August 2, 2016 4pm - 8pm Lakewood Pine Park (Country Club Drive & County Line Rd) on the township summer schedule the original date was August 9th. HERE (that would have been during the 9 days) Admission is free and includes bicycle raffles, free giveaways, pony rides, LSCW Bike Registration, Lakewood First Aid & Extrication Demo, Ocean County Sheriff K9 Demo, and the State Police

Monday, July 25, 2016

Oif Simchas

-Vort: Chosson Shmuli Bergmann Kallah Michal Helmreich bas R' Shmuel Vort is from 7:30 and on in khal chasidim 14th street.
-Vort: Ely- Schor at Ateres Yeshaya hall
-Vort: Gross- Yoffe  at 35 Kelm woods, Lakewood

Lakewood events July 25

-Ahavas Ttzedakah of Lakewood annual Dinner at Ateres Chana hall in Bais Faiga. Dinner 8:15 Buffet and Dinner 9:15- 11:00 pm
Yesiva Beer Yitzchok of Elizabeth, Lakewood Parlor meeting 1404 14th street 8:00 pm

NWS: Flash flood alert for Lakewood

The National Weather Service issued a flash flood warning to Lakewood and surrounding areas.  Avoid potential flood zones or streets that are known to flood. 

Local askanim heading to Philly to the Democratic National Convention

An Agudah delegation is heading to Philadelphia to partake in the Democratic National convention. Lakewood askanim are joining as well. Its not just the short drive and close proximity, Agudah officials also attended the RNC last week in Cleveland. In a statement Agudah officials said "While Agudath Israel of America does not endorse candidates, the goal of attending the conventions as official guests is to develop relationships with leaders of both parties and to engage in substantive discussions about issues important to our community." 

Tonight: Ahavas Tzedaka of Lakewood annual dinner

July,25- 6th annual Dinner for Ahavas Tzedaka of Lakewood At Ateres Chana hall reception 7:15 Dinner 8:15 9:45-11:00 Buffet and zemiros. Come show your support for Dr. and Mrs. Shanik who are always there for the community.

Some Boys schools finish year, camp begins next week

Some Lakewood Boys schools have finished for the year, some are continuing through the week. Lakewood Cheder,YTT were over last week. The boys camps are starting next week while other camps are starting the following week. What to do with the kids during the off week is always challenging, for working parents.

Artillery training at Joint base MDL

 Posted July, 22 on the JBMDL Facebook page For the next week, we''ll have some field artillery units training on our ranges firing mortars and Howitzers. Noise may be louder during cloudy or overcast weather. As always, JB MDL is committed to being good neighbors, and we SO greatly appreciate your patience as we train our nation's fighting force. Thank you!

BDE R' Tzvi Rackoff Z'L

After a short illness R''L Reb Tzvi Rackoff a''h Passed away early this morning. Levaya will take place in Lakewood 11:30am at the 7th street chapel, kevurah is in Clifton, NJ. R' Tzvi Aryeh, (27) originally from Passaic and a son in law of Rabbi and Mrs. Yaakov Weinberger of Lakewood. He was a Chaver kolell at Beth Medrash Govoha he leaves behind a wife and 1 child May the mishpacha know of no more tzaar.

Despite storms real feel temps to hit 104 in Lakewood today

 Severe thunderstorms are sweeping across New Jersey, bringing brief relief from the excessive heat. Monday morning's storms are packing heavy rain and gusty winds. Hazy, hot and humid conditions will resume after the storms pass. An excessive heat warning is in effect until 6 p.m. forecasters say the heat index will feel like it is 105 degrees. A heat advisory covers most of the state.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Video: Townsquare tonight Lakewood's growth within and beyond its borders

 Agudath Israel's New Jersey director, Rabbi Avi Schnall was interviewed by WOBM's Townsquare Tonight. He covered topics like the positive impact of the growth of Lakewood's Orthodox Jewish community into surrounding areas, how to coexist with neighbors, and the often misunderstood issue of "courtesy busing".

Tehillim and Kinus Hisoirerus

A Kinus Hisoirerus will take place today at 6 pm as a zechus and refuah Sheleima for R' Shmaya Dovid Yaakov ben Malka (Shulman) who was injured in a car accident last week at the Lakewood Howell border. It will take Place today Sunday at Rav Nosson Stein's yeshiva at the corner of 9th Street and Monmouth Ave at 6 pm.

Going to Philly? CHOP? DNC? expect road closures this week

Whether you’re going to Philadelphia for the Democratic National Convention, making an urgent trip to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, you can expect some difficult maneuvering as you negotiate the Philly transit system. See website for current conditions. By road or rail, travel options will be limited during the convention which runs Monday through Thursday at the Wells Fargo Center in South Philadelphia. The convention is expected to lure some 50,000 delegates,

New bus route Lakewood to the Catskills

Bus service from Lakewood to the Catskills Sundays and Fridays $40 one way children under 3 free per adult. For more info call 718-599-5040
 To the Catskills from Lakewood:
Locust Street @ Harmony Park   Sunday  4:40 pm        Friday   9:55 am
Seasons supermarket               Sunday 4:45 pm         Friday  10:00 am
Forest and 9th street               Sunday 4:55 pm         Friday  10:10 am

Fast of Shiva Assar B'Tamuz (Nidchah) Lakewood, NJ

Sunday July 24th, שבעה עשר בתמוז -נדחה High of 92 degrees at 1 pm 
Shkia 8:17 fast is over 9:05 pm
-Divrei chizuk for women and girls high school age and over at the Bais Faiga Gratter building 1:30 pm by Rav Nechemia Gramma shlita "connecting to the Churban". Admission: Women $10 students $5.
-Live stream Shiva Assar B'Tamuz program at 3 pm HERE
-BM of Kelmwoods Westgate Rav Dovid Schustal after 7:40 mincha.
-B'M Albert: Rav Avrohom Greenfeld Shlita will be speaking B'Inyana diyoma at 8:20 followed by Maariv at 8:58 pm.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Friday, July 22, 2016

ערב שבת פרשת בלק Zmanim for Lakewood, NJ

מַה-טֹּבוּ אֹהָלֶיךָ, יַעֲקֹב; מִשְׁכְּנֹתֶיךָ, יִשְׂרָאֵל כִּנְחָלִים נִטָּיוּ, כְּגַנֹּת עֲלֵי נָהָר
Hadlokas Neiros \ candle lighting 8:01 pm
Shkiah 8:19 pm
Sunday, July 24, 2016 / XVIII Tammuz nine years
Fast of 17 Tamuz begins Sunday morning at Alos 4:36 am
 Shabbos day-Hazy, hot and humid. Chance of a late-day t-storm. Winds will be WSW 5-15 MPH. The temperature will be 98 degrees.
SUNDAY -Hazy sunshine, hot and humid. Highs near 94. Lows near 76.

Fans looking for Pokemon

Looking for Pokemon after Blueclaws game. photo:LKwd Blueclaws

Ocean county Heatwave alert for the weekend and Sunday 17th of Tammuz (Nidcheh)

The National Weather Service has issued an EXCESSIVE HEAT WATCH for COASTAL OCEAN, EASTERN MONMOUTH, OCEAN, and WESTERN MONMOUTH county, effective through MON at 6:00 PM.Temps are expected to reach 100 degrees  on The weekend with a high humidity. Those fasting on Sunday should make sure to keep hydrated and stay indoors with AC. Since shiva asar B'Tamuz this year falls out is on shabbos, the fast is observed on Sunday the 18th. 

Lkwd news links

At the  RNC
Lakewood residents at the Republican convention divided about Donald Trump

List of Lakewood Hatzolah auction winners

No charges filed in Lakewood-Howell Car Truck crash

Photos: Lakewood Rosh yeshiva Rav Yerucham Olshin on the chizuk mission to Moscow, Vilna and Eastern Europe

A delegation Led by The Lakewood Rosh Yeshiva Rav Yerucham Olshin on behalf of operation open curtain to visit yeshivos and kollelim in Russia. The delegation visited kevarim of the Vilna Gaon, Rav Chaim Ozer Grodzenky ztl and went on the Yartzheit of Rav Elchanan Wasserman HY'D at the 9th fort in Kovno where he was killed along with many other kedoshim. Photos by JDN more pics & video HERE
Kever HaGra

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Lakewood events- Simchas Thursday July 21

-Parlor meeting Vaad Lhtzolas Nidchei Yisrael at Esther Gerber hall 6th and Madison 8:45 pm, hot buffet Rav Shlomo Feivel Schustal guest speaker
-Bluzhev Rebbe Rav Moshe SPira in Lakewood for Yartzheit seuda of his father previous Rebbe  at yeshiva Shaar Hatorah 360 Ridge avenue after 9:25 Maariv
-Wedding- Samet- Krupenia at Neeimas Hachaim hall
-Sitorsky- Rozeman Chasunah at Ateres Chana Hall
-Gerstel- Loebenstein wedding at Ateres Reva Hall Lakewood, NJ

Donald Trump coming to Lakewood for fundraiser?

The road to the white house goes through Lakewood, NJ. Many recent Republican nominees for President of the United states have stopped for brief fundraising events in Lakewood, NJ. Romney was there in 2012 Dick Cheney was in Lakewood in 2004. Rumors circulating Lakewood resident and political activist Dr. Rich Roberts might be hosting a fundraising campaign event in a few weeks for the Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump in Lakewood. Dr. Richard H. Roberts, M.D., Ph.D. has been appointed by The Trump team as the Vice Chair of the Israel Advisory Committee. Hillary Clinton called out the Donald for not purchasing furniture that was made in Lakewood,NJ. Lakewood Lawyer Lawrence Bathgate Former Republican National Committee Finance Chair was influential in bringing presidential candidates to Lakewood. Trumps son in law Jared Kushner's family  are benefactors of BMG.

Rav Shmuel Kaufman Zt'L from Detroit, Levaya in Lakewood tomorrow

Photo: It is with great sadness that reports the passing of the Rav Shmuel Yerachmiel Kaufman zt”l, legendary mechanech from Detroit, Michigan, who impacted thousands of talmidim over many decades. He was 83 years old. Levaya 11:30 tomorrow in Lakewood at The Lakewood cheder hall on 725 Vasser avenue.
Born in New York, Rav Kaufman was a son of Rabbi and Mrs. Fishel and Fraida Kaufman. Fraida, Rav Kaufman’s mother, was a daughter of the great tzaddik, Rav Yaakov Yosef Herman zt”l, Torah pioneer of All for the Boss fame.

Lakewood BOE public meeting tonight

The Lakewood Board of Ed will hold a public hearing today July,21 approving many programs for the school district. see HERE 6:30 pm at 855 Somerset Avenue.
BOE received $6 million loan from the state to be repaid over 10 years. At the same time appropriating millions of dollars for non mandated after school programs and summer programs. Yet of all non mandated programs, courtesy busing is the only one always put on the chopping block. Items on the agenda below
8. Approved the Sodexo Snow Removal Plan for the 2016-2017 School 


Lakewood township cancels Board of Health meeting.

In accordance with the provisions of the Senator Byron M. Baer Open Public
Meetings Act, Chapter 231, P.L.1975, 10:4-12a, Notice is hereby given that the Board of Health Meeting scheduled for Thursday, July 21, 2016 at 6:30pm has been cancelled.
The rescheduled meeting date and time will be determined at a later time.
Copies of this Notice have been provided by mailing to the Asbury Park Press and Tri- Town News, by posting on a bulletin board in the Municipal Building reserved for such announcements, and the filing of this notice with the Township Clerk of Lakewood Township. Formal Action may be taken at this meeting.

BMG is #1

Its #1 because of the thousands who are learning Torah Lishma.
Cross- Currents
The chart lists the universities that produced the highest pass rate for those taking CPA exam for the first time. Ostensibly, this reflects both the quality of student an educational experience that positions candidates to get it right from the beginning. Outside of our circles, many must be scratching their heads. Is Beth Medrash Govoha a branch of Princeton? Rutgers?

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Video: Dr. Meir Wikler monthly Lakewood vaad


Oif Simches

Pekeris-Owsianka chasunah at Lakewood Cheder hall
Schiff- Trainer  Wedding at Ateres Reva hall
Jacobs- MInzer wedding at Lake Terrace hall, Lakewood
Vort: Chosson Tzvi Friedman ben R' Moshe(Montreal) to HaKallah Bas R' Doniel Rottenberg at Ateres Yeshaya hall, Lakewood, NJ 08701

Lakewood events July 20 2016

-Mesivta of North Jersey parlor meeting 136 Sunset Lakewood, NJ guest speaker Harav Yeruchem Olshin shlita 7:30 pm

-Lakewood Hatzolah auction event watch HERE

-Mesivta Eitz Chaim of South Fallsburg Lakewood perlor meeting at 5 Ilan court, Guest speker Harav Malkiel Kotler shlita 9:30 pm

-Yartzheit gathering for Harav Mottel Weinberg Z'TL  at 9 13th street in BM zichron Moshe 9:50 pm

Lakewood Hatzolah live auction broadcast

Driver airlifted to hospital following crash

Tehillim-Please Daven for Shmaya Dovid Yaakov ben Malka injured in this morning's accident.
Earlier today at the Lakewood Howell border on rt 9 a dump truck and car collided pinning the driver. A medivac was requested it  landed at the BJ's parking lot in Howell 

Lakewood: News Photos and videos

                               Schi Challenge video below 
               Video: Lakewood media covering the RNC convention in Cleveland

Gourgeous Lakewood weather today, heatwave over the weekend

Today we get a break from the heat with temps in the low 80's but more so a very low humidity making it a enjoyable day to be outdoors. For the weekend thats a different story as forecasters predict a excessive heatwave  temps will again soar into the 90s to near 100 degrees or above this weekend through Monday. On Sunday Shiva Asar B'Tamuz (Nidcha) the fast day, temps will be in the low 90's with high humidity.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Photos: Kosher Texas BBQ comes to Lakewood

                          Today KOSHER Texas BBQ  AT ‪#‎SSSS‬ & S. LAKEWOOD NJ

Oif Simches

Shachar- Gartenhaus Chasunah at Ateres Reva hall
Gelbaum- Newman wedding at Neeimas Hachaim hall
Roszenstock- Katz wedding at Lakewood cheder hall

Lakewood events Tuesday July 19 2016

-Yeshiva Gedolah Bais Knesses Yisrael annual reception (Rav Yaakov Kokis R'Y) at 619 6th street 8:30 pm Rav Uren Reich guest speaker

-Chai Life Lakewood annual reception Ateres Chana hall 8:30 pm

-Yartzheit Seudah and siyum For Haavreich Rav Yisrael Meir Yagen Z''TL tonight At Binyan Hertzka Bais Esther hall 8:30 pm

-Shloshim azkara and Siyum Hamishnayos for Rav Yitzchok Meir Weisberger Z''tl at B"M Bais Elimelech 105 East Harvard St. 6:30 pm

-Yeshiva Toras Emes 13th Anniversary Dinner at Bnos Devorah hall 360 Oak Street. 7:30 pm.

It was a commercial

Last Thursday a video clip was shown of some guys playing or at least pretending to be playing  pokemon go in front of a Yeshiva. It appeared to be a joke, but  subliminally it might have portrayed talmidei chachomim in a bad light. Turns out it was part of a scene filmed in Lakewood for a kiruv organization to pair up chavrusah mates. Lesson, dont judge until you see the whole picture.

Overhaul on HUD bill could find families ineligible for assisted housing vouchers, section 8

A bill was passed with sweeping reforms to the nations rental assistance programs known as section 8 or housing choice voucher programs.
New eligibility rules for HUD. Those with net assets of $100,000 or more adjusted each year with inflation would be considered ineligible for assisted housing, as would anyone who already has an ownership interest in property deemed suitable for their family to live in. Though enforcement of this new requirement would be left to local housing authorities. 
 (Sec. 104) A PHA(public housing authority) may not rent a dwelling unit to or assist families with net family assets exceeding $100,000 annually (adjusted for inflation) or an ownership interest in property that is suitable for occupancy. This restriction does not apply to victims of domestic violence, individuals using housing assistance for homeownership opportunities, or a family that is offering a property for sale. PHAs must require applicants to authorize financial institutions to disclose records necessary to determine eligibility for benefits. HERE 
Both the Senate and House of Representatives have passed a bill that seeks sweeping reforms to the nation’s rental assistance programs. The Housing Opportunity Through Modernization Act of 2016 received unanimous support in both houses. The House passed H.R. 3700 on Feb. 2, and the Senate approved the bill July 14, sending the legislation to President Obama for his signature. those with net assets of $100,000 or more — adjusted each year with inflation — would be considered ineligible for assisted housing, as would anyone who already has an ownership interest in property deemed suitable for their family to live in.

Video: At Lakewood fire commissioners meeting

Monday, July 18, 2016

Lakewood, NJ -VS- Dallas, Texas

Lakewood, NJ VS Dallas, Texas. BBQ smoke off at South Side Sandwich Shop. Chaim Goldfedder of Dallas kosher BBQ will be smoking here at ‪#‎SSSS‬ & S. Homemade pickled smoked pastrami ribs. Located 315 Cedarbridge Ave Lakewood, NJ event will take place all day Tuesday July 19, 2016.

Oif Simches

Weissman- Pick wedding at Ateres Reva hall
Lemberger -Spinrad at Lakewood Cheder Hall
Katz-Lieb Chasunah at Lake Terrace hall, Lakewood

Chacham Yitzchak Yosef to visit Deal tonight

Join Us in Welcoming The Chief Rabbi of Israel Hacham Yitzchak Yosef  Tonight! Monday, July 18th  8:30pm Sharp Cong. Magen David of West Deal 395 Deal Road, Ocean, NJ.

Toys for Thought a Pokémon Pokespot

First Lakewood store to be on it (HH-Twitter)

BMG raises kollel checks for youngeleit

In what has been a new initiative, the Lakewood yeshiva Beth Medrash Govoha has for the second year in a row raised the bi weekly kollel check for the kollel members. Its part of a strategy to raise it again over the next few years while at the same time adding many new members on to the payroll. The Kollel budget has now reached close to $15 million dollars annually. The yeshiva has not missed a payroll in over 14 years Ka""h. The raise is a full extra paycheck per year which in total is $500,000.

Photos: Lakewood Rosh Yeshiva among delegation to Toronto on behalf of Yaldei Tzarfas

Rav Dovid Feinstein Rav Malkiel Kotler Satmar Rebbe R' Zalman L

Potential Haz-Mat incident in the area of Rt 9 and Birch Street.

LPD: Potential Haz-Mat incident in the area of Rt 9 and Birch Street. Please avoid the area. Agency is currently involved in a police activity in Location/Area. Please avoid this area for the next Time frame. Relevant details Instructions Please avoid the area. Find alternate route until further notice. Thank you

New sephardic center in Lakewood opened its doors this shabbos

By, Rabbi Ovadia
What a tremendous turnout for our first Shabbat! We will be getting more chairs and tables to fit almost forty people. 
The excitement that filled the air was truly special. Boys read portions of the Tefilla, and enlisted their fathers to teach them more, my daughters joined me in shul and felt at home, and so many people came forward vying to be part of building a community center and Bet Kenesset, Baruch Hashem. Bookshelves, Humashim, lighting, Kiddush - everyone wanted to participate in some way, and this is exactly what we are hoping to create. 
As someone  noted: "This will inspire our next generation to do and to lead"... 

Lakewood Hatzolah live auction this Wed at Gourmet Glatt

                                                                    Donate HERE

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Photos: Kids enjoy Bike -A- Thon raising funds for keren HaKayitz camp fund

Oif Simches

Lorbart -Elazary wedding Lake Terrace hall Lakewood
Zipper- Burszytyn Chasunah Ateres Chana hall
Housman- Klugman wedding Ateres Reva hall

Another Lakewood pokestop

Sunday: Things to do

Jersey Shore Hatzalah Carnival Sunday, July 17th, 2016 11am-6pm At the JCC 100 Grant Ave, Deal, New Jersey

Keren Hakayitz Bike a thon for boys 3-8 grade 4- 6 pm at First energy park. $50 minimum to join.

Lakewood: Finnigan's Lanes kids bowl free register Here
Howell: Howell Lanes $2 shoes $2 games

Boating- Lake Carasaljo, Manasquan,
Parks: Mantolooking playground Cedarbridge Avenue to the end  make a left before the Draw Bridge. Beautiful playground for kids on the bay. Watch boat launches fishing Crabbing and more.

Store updates

NPGS: Starting today you must bring your card to earn Voice reward points.

Mediterranean food- Temporarily closed currently under construction. @ Singin gas station Hurley & S. Clifton

French Press Coffee roasters: Opens new location at Clifton and Kennedy plaza near C&G.

BD'E Mr. Eli Freundlich Z'L

Levaya of Mr. Eli Freundlich today in Lakewood. He was 91 years old. (Matzav)
The levayah will take place today, at noon, at at Congregation Sons of Israel’s Holocaust Memorial Chapel, located at 613 Ramsey Street, off of East 7th Street, in Lakewood, NJ. The family will be observing shivah at the Zucker home(daughter) in Village Park in Lakewood, NJ.
In his youth, Mr. Freundlich attended Yeshiva Torah Vodaas in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Friday, July 15, 2016

ערב שבת פרשת חקת Zemanim for Lakewood, NJ

Friday, July 15, 2016 / ט' תמוז תשע"ו ערב שבת פרשת חקת
Candle lighting 8:06
Shkiah 8:24
Visiting day shabbos
-KZY: R' Zalmen Raber will be Speaking for the Women this Shabbos afternoon at 5:15 in the Ezras Noshim.  All women are invited!!
-Kol Aryeh No womans shiur this shabbos

Heat wave feels like 100 in Lakewood UV index very high

Mosdos, please coordinate marketing campaigns.

Money is green but everything else is not black and white perhaps its colorful. Recently, its a bit confusing when many local Mosdos are holding fundraising events and its hard to tell the difference from one to the other. The color and graphics used is the same style and color for a few upcoming events. Why confuse everyone, but more so you would want to stand out on your own. Just as organizations try not to overlap and book events on the same day they should also coordinate color schemes so we dont get all mixed up not knowing who is who. All are wonderful and serving a need for the tzibbur. Hatzlocha

Free document shredding this Friday in Lakewood

LAKEWOOD- Public Works Yard 1 America Ave. Friday, July 15 
9 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Lakewood schools partner with new Rebbeim fund to raise salaries

Hamodia exclusive.
 At an event in Lakewood last week, the first 15 yeshivos from a cross-section of the Torah world signed on to the plan in the presence of Torah Umesorah’s Vaad Roshei Yeshivah, shlita, Talmud Torah Bais Avrohom of Lakewood, with 25 rebbeim; and Yeshivah Orchos Chaim of Lakewood, with 56 rebbeim.

A pioneering initiative that would dramatically raise the salaries of approximately three thousand rebbeim in the United States took a major step forward on Tuesday with the deposit of the first $7M into a fund that will subsidize the increases. The fund is projected to eventually reach its goal of $66 million. Fifteen yeshivos have already signed up for “The Rebbi Initiative,” which aims to give rebbis in the United States a raise of $15,000 per year in a staggered program over six or seven years.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Oif Simches

Flagler- Brotsky wedding at Ateres Chana hall
Grossman- Halpern Chasunah at Lake Terrace
Simon- Mintz chasunah at Ateres Reva hall

ליקווד ׳פוקימון׳

BMG Talmidim lead NJ in first time pass rate on CPA exam

For next year sefira calendar

NWS: 101-Degree Heat Index In N.J The afternoon heat will be followed by a thunderstorm threat.

NWS- Extreme heat Thursday will give way to potentially strong thunderstorms later in the day in New Jersey, forecasters with the National Weather Service are warning. There is an excessive heat warning in place through 8 p.m. Friday. Heat index values as high as 101 are possible Thursday throughout the region, according to forecasters. On Thursday evening, there is also a threat of thunderstorms that could be severe in some places.

LPD statement on new chief

Over the past 10 years we have been led by Chief Robert Lawson who has devoted over 35 years of his life to our great agency.
At the end of this month the chief will retire and now, officially announced in yesterday's public ceremony, he will pass the office of the Chief of Police to Captain Gregory Meyer.
Captain Meyer has already taken great steps to continue the advancement and the growth of the police department. Most recently, in conjunction with the

Times change values dont

Article by former Lakewood resident who finds it painful to visit. Again, like all communities things evolve for better or worse. 

I grew up in Lakewood, before it was Brooklyn. When the trails around the lake were clean and empty, when Central Avenue always had parking, when I knew the store owners of Friedman’s and Gelbstein’s, when there was still a co-ed Day School and a Modern Orthodox shul, and when large swaths of forest outnumbered the homes. In the Day School, all of my Jewish subject teachers were Haredi, though I did not know that word back then. I knew there were women who wore wigs and that they were ‘more’ religious than my Orthodox cousins, and far more religious than myself (who was not very).  And they were smart and bright and some had far more patience than others for my questions.  In fact, Reb. Nechama Reich, Rav Kotler’s daughter, never let me get away with anything, but she never shied away from my questions either, and it was an honor to have her at my wedding so too, Reb. Shulamis Rozansky. When I walked down the street in Lakewood, walking the mile to shul, every Jew said “Good Shabbas,” man or woman, ‘Haredi’ or not.

Video: At the Mir Yerushalayim annual Lakewood dinner

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Oif Simches/Events

-Mir Yerushalayim Dinner at Neeimas Hachaim hall Lakewood
-Frischman- Kaufman Chasunah at Lake Terrace hall
-Goodman- Pollack wedding at Ateres Reva .hall
-Klein- Ganzvi  wedding at Lakewood cheder
-Magid- Frank wedding at Ateres Chana hall
-Yartzheit Seuda for Rav Zalman Malinowitz Z"tl at Bnos Bracha hall 9:15 pm
-Vort: Shain - Itzkowitz at TBY hall on Oak st.
-Chai Lifeline Chestnut Parlor meeting 1172 Coughlin street

Video: New Police chief appointed for Lakewood Police Department

Surprise! LRBC reaches 24 hr goal

In the end they made it. With 4 hours left panic emails went out will we lose all this money if the goal is not reached? B"h at the closing moment they reached 726k. The Goal Was For 720K.  These crowdfunding online campaigns Are innovative And Reach More people.
Lately people have become weary of these all or nothing campaigns. Is it real?  Are my dollars really matched? the pledges paid? Which  other money is counted toward the goal?  For now however this fundraising shtick is working how long will it last is anyone's guess.

Yeshivishe Reid

-Lakewood Rosh Yeshiva Rav Yerucham Olshin shlita is heading to Moscow today leading the Operation open curtain delegation. It was previously led by Harav Shmuel Kamenetzky shlita.

-Mir yeshiva of Yerushalayim Lakewood Dinner tonight. The Rosh Yeshiva Rav Lazer Yudel Finkel shlita will be attending at Neeimas Hachaim hall

-Hespedim tonight in BMG: Rav Elya Ber Wachtfogel shlita and Rav Malkiel Kotler shlita will deliver hespedim  marking the shloshim of Rav Chaim Fasman ZT'L of the LA kollel and Rav Moshe Schwab Z'tl of the Lakewood kollel in Detroit. It will take place at the Herzka B'M, 6:30 pm.

Pokémon PokéStops in Lakewood.

They are not looking for a Minyan they are looking for a Minion. The viral addictive cellphone game Pokémon  relies on location data compiled by Google Maps to create the PokéStops, which are causing problems  in the US and across the world. Houses of worship are pokestops People are congregating there not to daven but to find pokemon. So when you see strangers near your shul staring at their phones they are not checking the latest news or looking for a "tzenteh". The Shul at 6th and Madison in Lakewood is seen as a pokestop. In recent days controversy erupted over pokestops at somber places such as the 911 memorial in NYC. Staffers at Washington DC’s Holocaust Museum are incensed that there are three PokéSpots there.

2016 Ocean county fair opens today

The Ocean county fair opens today in Berkeley township,NJ a 30 minute drive from Lakewood. Admission to the fair is $7 for anyone age 10 or older, Children younger than 10 get in free. Its at Robert J. Miller Airpark on Route 530, five miles west of the Garden State Parkway. Take Exit 77. Coming southbound, turn left off the exit ramp onto Double Trouble Road; at the traffic light turn

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Photo: Boyan Rebbe in Lakewood at private event

Boyan Rebbe in Lakewood -Mezamrim choir singing

Supper/ Oif Simches

-Yartzheit Seudah for  Harav Yitzchok Kleiman z'tl tonight at 11th and Lexington shul (R' Gross) 7:30
-BBQ for yeshiva Bais Meir at 75 Shady Lane
-BBQ for Special childrens center 159 Sommerset
Chasuna Lakewood July,12 
-Wedding: Slomovitz- Rothstein At Ateres Reva hall, Lakewood
-Wedding: Ganeles- Meisels at Ateres Chana Hall, Lakewood
-Wedding:Goldburd- Furest at Neeimas Hachaim hall
-Wedding: Lake Terrace hall 11 Peice band Teitelbaum, Daskal & Yedidim choir.

B''H no serious injuries in Lakewood porch collapse

A Rena lane porch collapsed,(Sterling Place) no serious injuries 2 ambulances on location 1 patient requiring ALS (advance life support)

Seasons kosher opens second NJ location

Seasons kosher opened its Clifton, NJ store today serving the Passaic Clifton communities. The store is located in the former Acme at 467 Allwood Road,  it will employ about 125 people. The Lakewood store was the first in NJ which opened in March of 2016.

Boyaner Rebbe in Lakewood today

The Boyaner Rebbi from Eretz Yisroel will be davening Mincha in Kol Aryeh today on Hope Chapel  at 7:00. pm You can give shalom the rebbe before Mincha. The Rebbe is here for a wedding and will be going next week to Los Angeles

Speed trap

Jackson pd speed trap on New Egypt right after cross towards Wawa. Beware,

Bikur Cholim of Lakewood 24 hr fundraiser

                       DONATE HERE

Tuesday, starting at 2:00 pm EST, you will have the special opportunity to share the burden with Bikur Cholim of Lakewood!

Bikur Cholim of Lakewood has one overriding goal: to help wherever help is needed. It provides free transportation to out-of-town medical appointments, kosher meals and food pantries in area hospitals, and a selection of medical equipment available for loan.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Video: Simply Tsfat in Lakewood

At the home of Dr. Rothkopf this motzei shabbos Video by M. Fund scroll down for more.

Oif Simchas

Gross- Scheinbaum wedding at Fountain Ballroom Lakewood cheder
Zachariash-Skolnik wedding at Ateres Chana hall
Milstein- Friedman Wedding  Lake Terrace hall

Lakewood Rosh Yeshiva graces Toldos Aaron siyum hashas in Eretz Yisrael

The Lakewood Rosh Yeshiva Rav Malkiel Kotler who is currently in Eretz Yisrael was honored as the "Orach Hatorah" at the amud yomi siyum hashas  of Toldos Aaron chasidim taking place tonight in Eretz Yisrael. The event is taking place at the Avenue hall near Ben Gurion airport.

Lakewood homeowners can save $503 in property tax relief under Christie fairness formula, TR $638 reports According to an analysis released by the governor's office 368 towns would see property tax reductions including 90 municipalities that would experience at least $2,000 in average household savings. Under the new school funding formula the average Lakewood resident will see a reduction of $503 in property tax relief. Of course thats if costs and other out of control spending are kept in check. Jackson residents will save $246 Toms River $638. Unfortunately, other towns will see a major property tax raise, the town of Passaic, NJ according to a report in NJ advanced media will see a rise up to a whopping $12,385 to offset the cuts.

Video: 7-11 Lakewood 7 Eleven celebrates 50 years with rides free slurpees

Who said no free slurpees? enjoy the rides and booths and free slurpees

Lakewood Neziros story first reported on Dans Deals Lakewood forums

From Dans Deals yesterday at 5:16 pm that was the first report.
Interesting story happened in Lakewood last week. A class was learning about Nezirus, and a 12 and a half year old boy said I am becoming a Nozir, for a minute. The Halacha is that someone close to 13 (Kotan hasomuch L’ish) can also be mekabel nezirus (and if you make yourself a Nazir for even a short time, it’s automatically for 30 days). Rav Forsheimer was asked and after consulting with Reb Shmuel Kamintesky, said that they have to keep Nezirus till they go to a Rav to Matir it. (not sure if I got all the facts correct).

באחד מתלמודי התורה בעיר ליקווד, למדו בשבוע האחרון בחומש על הנזיר. שני ילדים בני 12, הודיעו במהלך השיעור כי בעקבות לימוד ההלכות הם מקבלים על עצמם להיות נזירים. על פי ההלכה, ברגע

First shabbos Bris held at the old shul

A milestone occasion took place this past shabos in the Old shul of Lakewood. The Old shul as it is called headed by its current Rav, Rabbi Yoffe, was built in the early 1900's. It was the original congregation sons of Israel before the kehilla built another shul on 6th and Madison avenue. It is the oldest shul in Lakewood. Up until this past shabbos the shul never hosted a shabbos Bris since  there was no Eruv in the area and people could not bring their baby to shul. A few years a go a new Eruv was constructed in the vicinity of the shul and beyond enabling this opportunity. This shabbos the shul was host to a shabbos bris the first in its long rich history.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

What Rav Aharon Leib Shteinman said when a LPD officer was shot in 2011

From someone who spoke to Rav Steinmans gabbai in 2011 when a Lakewood Police officer was shot while doing a routine patrol.
"Rav Moshe Schneider told me he spoke to Maran Rav Aharon Leib shlit"a this morning and told him that Lakewood is shut down today for the huge funeral
of a police officer that was shot. Maran shlit"a said that this is very important
since killing a policeman is the worst crime because otherwise there is no fear of the law and the Gemara says if not for the fear of the government people would commit crimes against their fellow man and devour them alive"

Oif Simches

-Dinner:- Yeshiva Bais Hatorah at Ateres Reva hall

-Vort: Chosson Aaron Dov Galet to Kallah Bas  Reb Berry Kleinbart at Ner Dovid Corner 14th street and Tangelwood, Lakewood  9:00-11:00 PM.

-Wedding: Gradman - Bronspigel at Ateres Chana Hall

Lakewood Chaveirim look before you lock campaign

Chaveirim of Lakewood, in conjunction with the Lakewood Police Department, has once again launched their ‘Look Before You Lock’ awareness campaign.

The interior temperature of a vehicle can soar to 130 degrees in less than seven minutes during a heat wave. Even with 80-degree temperatures the temperature inside a car can reach 110 degrees in approximately the same amount of time.

Lakewood Chaveirim, as first responders to incidents where a child is left in a vehicle, report that 99.9% of lockouts occur when a parent or caregiver is right there but accidentally locked the keys in the car with a child or children. However, they continue, “we have seen people run into a store to just grab something, leaving their kids out in the car. We aim to strongly discourage this practice, especially in this heat.

NJ state troopers land at BlueClaws deliver first pitch baseballs

Lakewood Bikur cholim T shirt Sunglasses promotion at Gourmet Glatt

Lakewood Bikur Cholim Promoting their 24 hour fundraising campaign which will take place this Tuesday July 12  Goal is to raise 500K. 
Bikur Cholim of Lakewood has one overriding goal: to help wherever help is needed. Within a short time, the organization was providing free transportation to out-of-town medical appointments, kosher meals and food pantries in area hospitals, and a selection of medical equipment available for loan. Bikur Cholim of Lakewood now services most of the NJ area hospitals. It sees to the physical and spiritual well-being of patients and their families with food pantries that are restocked daily, as well as comfortable Shabbos

New Sephardic Shul & Center in Lakewood

I am truly excited to announce our new Sephardic center and Bet Kenesset in Lakewood, NJ.                      DONATE HERE
We will be bringing a warm Tefilla, Baqashot, Te'amim, Halacha, Torah study and so much more to residents, visitors and the Sephardic community at large... I am opening this center with one purpose in mind: to serve as a place for my children and their generation to connect with their traditions, to experience them first-hand and to

Lakewood links...

Lakewood Historical Society and the Lakewood Heritage Commission are holding the “Sheldon Wolpin Memorial Car Show 2016” fundraiser Sunday, July 10, 2016, from 2:00 to 5:30 p.m. at the Clarence Brown Pavilion, Pine Park, West County Line Road Lakewood, N.J. Admission for spectators is free.

-Lakewood School district settles 174K lawsuit

-Lakewood school board pays 25k to settle discrimination lawsuit

-NJ drivers a pay tax per mile instead of at the pump


Please daven for the zkan Roshei yeshiva in America Harav Yosef Rosenblum shlita, Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshiva Sharei Yosher in Boro park. Lakewood Talmid of Rav Aharon Kotler ZT''L.
 Name for Tehillim  אברהם יוסף בן חיה שרה.

Friday, July 8, 2016

LPD: wanted person apprehended

Updated: The man who ran from our Officers last night was just apprehended!
Just a short time ago Officers from Howell Township Police Department arrested Justin Schneider of Brick NJ.
Thank you for the assistance Howell PD!!!

LPD thanks community for thoughtfulness expressed today

Lakewood Police Department post on Face Book:
We are overwhelmed and thankful at the thoughtfulness expressed to us today. Several of our residents came by to drop off tokens of their appreciation for our service.