Saturday, June 18, 2016

Township pulls shtick with Digital billboards

The Lakewood township put up a last minute resolution prior to Thursday's committee meeting. The resolution called for the rejection of the bids for 5 digital billboards to be posted throughout Lakewood. No reason was given, however it seems someone threatened a lawsuit since the bidding was done in private as opposed to being held in the auditorium as posted. Or perhaps the bid did not go to the intended receiver.


  1. It was a Resolution, not Ordinance

  2. Harold herskowitzJune 19, 2016 at 12:17 AM

    An explanation was given by the Township attorney Steven Secare as to why the bidding was done in private. Nobody ever mentioned to me that they intended to sue because of an obvious avoidance to be transparent on an issue involving public safety. The inception of this idea was simply A way of paying off people that do favors for certain committee members. In order for the Lakewood Scoop and Shopper to continue to feed our town propaganda and not reveal the truth, which they certainly know about, arrangements must be made to keep them happy.
    The bidding, albeit in private to avoid any protest, did not go as planned. The intended winner of the bid, The owner of the Lakewood Scoop with a partnership of the Wenger Bursztyn mafia, did not expect to be outbid by a major media corporation, Elray. After they lost the bid I was asked if I could kindly provide the statistics in multiple studies regarding increased accidents caused near LED billboards. I assume they couldn't use that as an excuse, so they made up some story about a lawsuit because it was done in private. If I was Elray, I would sue the Township or contact the prosecutors office. The Township Attorney clearly explained on Video, that can be watched on Hefkervelt, that there was no reason to make it a public bid since only two companies were eligible. That made sense to me. What didn't make sense was how they could put peoples lives at risk for a favor in order to make themselves look good.
    Oh well, just add this to the myriad of other backdoor deals that they have schemed and hidden from us that have hurt the town and the taxpayers.
    Once again, shame on you.

  3. The Scoop / Shopper didn't get it, what a shame.
    If they ever put it up again to satisfy the intended bidders?
    This is exactly what the feds are waiting for in Lakewood.

  4. Hershel keep it up you are doing a favor for the entire tzibbur ashreicha!

  5. Wondering if recent ordnance to require permits and restricting advertising signs at street corners and intersections was a move to push ads to the digital billboards.

  6. BTW ELRAY is owned by two very choshuv yungerleit brothers who sit and learn yom vlayla

  7. The initial township bill looks like it was written in a way they can control the process. It stated clearly the township has a right to reject any bid offers. One can assume the fix was in from the get go to have the bid go to a specific person.

  8. Harold herskowitzJune 19, 2016 at 9:42 AM

    If you read the reports that are currently available regarding the increase in accidents due to billboards and especially Led signage, you would see that it causes an increase in accidents. In a town like lakewood where traffic is delaying our daily regiment, and causing drivers to be rushed, any added distractions that need to be read could be contributing to all the increased accidents We now have daily . I suggested that the town try an experiment and remove all the illegally placed road signs especially at intersections. Stop allowing any lawn signs as well. If we see a decrease in accidents, we will know that they have a negative effect on traffic. Very simple. I would also like to know how many less accidents there would be at the intersection of Blue Claws stadium if they would close down that scrolling led sign.
    Regardless of what is being done now, the township committee clearly revealed it's intentions are to help a select few and not do what is right for The people of Lakewood. Only now because they were pushed against the wall did they relent. I can guarantee you this proposal will be back. It will come at a time when nobody is paying attention. Either before the high holidays or Passover.
    We can no longer afford to have to go to meetings or watch videos or read blogs to make sure our committee is not hurting our best interests. We need to have these 4 fine gentlemen removed from office. We need a Mayor and Committee represented by districts that care about their residents, not a few select friends or themselves.

  9. Get did the whole committee system and get a mayor with 130k salary