Friday, June 10, 2016

Shavuos 5776 Lakewood, updates:

Kol Aryeh Erev Shavuos
BMG: Shavuos night learning in all botei medrashim first day Yom Tov Roshei Yeshiva will deliver shiurim after 8:00 pm mincha. Rav Malkiel shlita in the Yoshon B'M Rav Yerucham shlita in Bais Shmuel B'M (Princeton)  Rav Dovid shlita in Bais Aaron B'M. Neeilas hachag 2nd day YT with Rav Yisrael Neuman Shlita following 7:00 pm Mincha in Beren hall dining room.

Hearthstone: Hachnosas Sefer Torah first nigh Shavuos leaving from Leisure chateau at 9:00 pm to Vasikin Minyan

Lev Avos:childrens program Shavuos night with Rabbi Schmell. Over YT shiurim from Rav Avrohom Berenbaum, Rav Yitzchok Sorotzkin shlita.  

Roberts shul- KNA: Dirshu shiur and  Medrash & Stories 12-4 All Ages Refreshments in the simcha hall every hour on the :45 for 15 minutes only
2nd day Yom Tov Rav Malkiel Kotler shlita will speak at the Roberts shul

Brookwood area: The local bais medrash will be open Shavous night there will also be an Ezras Nashim for Yizkor

B"M Ohr Tuvia: Selling sponsorship for the zechusim of limud leil shavuos

Lakewood Township put up lighting at the Eastern pedestrian bridge over Lake Carasaljo between  N. Lake and S. Lake drives. Additional security over the 3 days of Shabbos and Shavuos.

Kol Aryeh: Rav Dovid Magid will speak over YT

Hearthstone: The Rov Shlit"a will be speaking to the women on the last day of Yom Tov, at 2:15 in the Shul.

Rabbi Gissingers shul: will have shavuos night learning programs for adults, kids grade 6-8 grades 3-5 Shiurim by Rabbis, Eli Schwab R' Zev Farkas, R' Avraham Danziger, R' Dovid Berger, R' Chanan Davis. R' Moshe Kraushar, R' Moshe Weil, R' Aaron Heinaman, R' Farber. Over Yom Tov Shiurim at night Harav Chaim Weg, Harav Gavriel Rokowski, Harav Yerachmiel Millstein

B'M Albert: There will be a chabura learning together the sugya of Rodef in Sanhedrin Shavuos night with geshmake mareh mekomos.

Lutzk: All night shiurim12:00 Shiur from Rabbi Moshe Homnick 1:00 Shiur from R' Yomtov Pilchick  2:00 Shiur from Rabbi Zalmen Sorotzkin 3:00 Shiur- To be Announced

Over Yom Tov many will be walking across town eating out by family and friends or walking to learn with a chavrusah or visit a friend. Yechidim living along the heavily walked roads have put out cold water and drinks on their  front lawns for the Tzibbur to enjoy. Dark areas near walking paths will be lit up  up for those going to learn shavuos night. There will also be extra security over the 3 days of  Shabbos and yom Tov

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  1. Any1 know sons of Israel shavous nite shiurim schedule)?