Friday, June 10, 2016

Prospect Park kehila hosts symposims following house fire

Following a fire that burned a home down this past erev shabbos the Prospect Park development in Lakewood hosted various symposiums. Fist the Rav delivered divrei chizuk followed by a counselor from Chai Lifeline who spoke on the topic of giving children the communication tools to deal with anxiety following the fire . On Wednesday a insurance agent was on hand to discuss "Ensuring Adequate coverage for homeowners, renters and basement tenants". Residents brought their insurance  papers to be checked out for proper coverage followed by a Q&A session.


  1. What about life insurance

  2. Did they also speak about smoke alarms,co detectors,the dangers of leaving hotplates and candles unattended and all the other issues about what is considered dangerous in ones home?

  3. Anxiety following the fire?? have we lost our senses. B'H no one was hurt and kids saw a fire truck. Do we have to make a big stink so these social workers can make some money.