Thursday, June 2, 2016

News Links

Lakewood entrepreneurs showcase at business expo

Klausenburg Planning Development In Lakewood

New Jersey Adjusts School Funding Policy

Bike Blade & Ball Thursday Evening Road Ride

Uber for the air: Blade comes to Jersey Shore


  1. HV, why did you remove the post yesterday about the hamodia article on the BMG grant? The point is very clear, BMG is not in the buisness of making businessmen it is Torah Lishma.

  2. When will this end???

  3. @torah lishma that letter bashing BMG was in my opinion totally off mark in what way did R Gleiberman say anything about why people are learning in yeshiva he just said people that leave yeshiva go on to many different business and contribute a lot to the the economy... I'm sick and tired of all this bashing it's a ridiculous anything that someone says people feel they have to find something to rip apart just move on!!

    1. rav yeruchim said it in bmg. you are the one bashing the rosh yeshiva shlita.

    2. The comments from Gliebs undermine what the thousands of bnei hayeshiva are doing. For him to talk about the yeshiva in such a way not mentioning the fact that thousands are learning speaks volumes. There is a major disconnect between the administration who only see $$ signs and view it a business while on the other hand you have youngeleit learning Torah Lishma with no support. Hamodia should clarify his remarks. HV editor can you please repost the letter that was taken down.