Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Live broadcast canceled at Lev L'achim Lakewood asifa

Many came to see Rav Chaim kanievsky in a live broadcast but were disappointed after it did not materealize. It was announced at 11:20 the live feed to Rav Chaim kanievsky's home will not take place, due to technical difficulties with the satellite hookup. The meeting on behalf of Lev Leachim at Rav chaim's house was going on at the time with Rav Yitzchok Zilbershtein. Organizers apologized asking Mechila from the olam, they promised to distribute cd recordings and videos of the meeting.


  1. First amendment activist must have walked in so it was canceled.

    1. Could have been the Eitz guys who sabotaged it

  2. Still hard to believe in today's day and age with modern technology it couldn't work out. You can live stream from a cell phone or a computer. Everything reb chaim does is broadcast right away. Rabbos machshuvois blev ish.

  3. Must have been an excuse does not make any sense. Perhaps there were other reasons.

  4. Lev L'achim went political and took sides in the machlokes between Bnei brak ans yerushalayim. They dissinvited Rav Shmuel Auerbach last year at the annual kinus in bnei brak and when they came to visit Rav Aaron Shechter he turned to face the other way. The gedolim in America continue to maintain neutral and not get involved. We dont have to bring the machlokes toi these shores.

  5. Perhaps Reb Chaim shlita was just not up to it.