Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Lakewood Receives close to $5 Million grant to plant 14,000 trees $345 per tree

Need a tree for shavuos? for your new home? perhaps the township can give you one. Due to a tremendous amount of trees that were cut down last year to make room for widening the Garden state parkway section that runs through Lakewood, Lakewood township received $4.735,800 grant from the NJ DEP. The grant is for the reforestation and planting of 14,00 trees throughout Lakewood. FWH associates of  Toms River won a $284,000 bid to oversee the project. If you do the math it will cost $345 per tree!! that's a lot of money even if they are planting bigger trees. Residents should have an option to have a tree planted in their lawn too.


  1. 400 trees were planted in Pine River village is that part of this?

  2. Should not cost more than $60 for a big tree. Where is all this money going.

  3. Harold HerskowitzJune 8, 2016 at 11:49 AM

    i am wondering where there is any space for trees in lakewood anymore. perhaps the money can be appropriated for sidewalks or parks / playgrounds. Any new trees planted will probably be cut down for development soon anyway. How about using it for our new state of the art recreation center? can we call it a tree museum?

    1. Where is this new recreation center

  4. Seriously.. my poor tree died after falling victim to a rare botanical flu (most likely due to some illegal immigrant bird's diseased poop being brought over from another country) Is there a number I can call to re-populate my yard with a healthy american tree.