Sunday, June 19, 2016

Lakewood News links events Sunday June 19th

-Girls High schools graduations taking place today across Lakewood
-Bachur injured 2 weeks ago in Brick is B'h out of ICU, recovering at JSMC
-Chumash seuda today held for many Lakewood chadorim
-Admor M'Bobov-45 will be in Lkwd today for parlor meeting 227 Autumn 2 pm
-Rav Dovid & Rav Reuvein Feinstein in Lkwd tonight 932 Vermont 7:30-9:15
-Hachnosas sefer Torah 4th & Park 3:45 going to 234 East 5th street
-Bike-a-thon sign up @Sprinkles for keren hakayitz 3:30-6:30
- Yeshiva Ketana 8th grade grand carnival Westgate park. till 7:30
-NJ woman killed in crash on GSP mile mark 94 in Wall Twsp
-Traffic enforcement coming to Cedarbridge and Central Avenues
-APP editorial on Lakewood zoning board to do job- APP should also do job and not report baseless accusations to besmirch an entire community in a previous editorial.


  1. Rav Yeruchims machaah

    1. wow shtarkeh raid devarim hayoitzin min halev.

    2. Link broken?

    3. It's a Download link.

  2. The article in Hamodia and comments by the yeshiva VP was also bad it repeated the numbers and facts the rosh yeshiva was screaming against.

  3. its unbelievable how the money aspect doesnt think about what the roshei yeshiva feel. guaranteed none of the major shakers apologised to HaRav yerucham Shlit'a