Tuesday, June 28, 2016

BD"E Habachur Yosef Chaim Gereidi Z”L

We regret to inform you of the Petirah of Habachur Yosef Chaim Gereidi Z”L of Lakewood (Westgate) who was niftar after a long illness he was 27 years old. He learned in Peekskill yeshiva and in BMG. The Levaya will take place at Bais Medrash Govoha in the Yoshon B''M on 7th street. kevura will be before shkiah in Lakewood in the sons of Israel bais Olam on East 7th street. TNZBH


  1. Family is originally from Monsey.

  2. He learned in fallsburg for many years.
    Don't think he was ever in peekskill

  3. Nice kid. Suffered a lot. May he rest in peace.