Thursday, June 16, 2016

A request to close a public road to through traffic

Traffic is bad enough as it is in Lakewood, any open road and thoroughfare helps ease congestion and keep traffic flow. Yet Township official dont seem to take the needs of the public into consideration .One of the request obtained through OPRA by NJ News and Views was to have the American avenue closed to the public.
 "A second attachment was a May 26 memo from Tony Arecchi, Director - Maintenance Services. The memo was addressed to Henshaw, Secare, Township Engineer Jeff Staiger, and Patrick Donnelly, who was appointed director of the township's Department of Public Works in April.
"We are requesting American Avenue be closed to through traffic at the eastern point leading to New Hampshire Avenue, creating a dead end by our fuel station," Arecchi told township officials. "Presently American Avenue has
become a short cut/by pass for the New Hampshire/Cedar Bridge Ave. traffic light. We have had several near misses with the motoring public." 
Arecchi cited construction of a new office complex and shopping center on New Hampshire Avenue as a contributing factor to the increase in area traffic.


  1. throw the bums outJune 16, 2016 at 10:17 AM

    quite an outrage!

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