Monday, May 23, 2016

Wearing a hat on the trampolines

Facebook post
On Sunday May 22 At about 4:00 I took my niece and nephew's to sky zone in Lakewood nj which mind you is borderline of toms river no it's not really in Lakewood a place we go to often to jump where we spend an arm and leg. as I was sitting on the sidelines watching my four year old nephew jump I was approached by a worker that I needed to remove my baseball hat off my head. I had questioned him as to why I had to remove my hat he said because you
are not allowed wear a hat on the trampolines. mind you had a paids only sticker on and was not jumping. I told him I was not removing my hat and that he would have to get a manager and so he did . the manager then approach me and I told him I was not removing the hat. I wanted to know the reason why I had to remove my hat his answer was while jumping my hat can fall off and rip the trampoline. Such a ridiculous answer . I had noticed Hasidic Jewish man engaging with his children in a game of dodgeball on the
trampolines with a baseball cap jumping I asked the manager why I had to remove my hat and he didn't have to. He told me that it was his religious beliefs and that's why he able to wear a hat. I told him the only way I was removing my hat is if you told every Hasidic Jewish person in there that they had to remove The beanies they wearing on their head and the women who have the things hanging from their head he told me I was crazy and that if I didn't remove my hat I I had to leave. and then I told him to call a higher manager The next manager explained to me that we are in a Jewish community and we have to cater to them! . This is completely ridiculous since when is a baseball cap considered a religious belief??? suppose I was a girl that had alopecia and had patches of my hair missing and that was the reason why I was wearing a baseball cap in the first place why is it that I had to remove my hat And the Hasidic Jewish man did not have to. I believe in the Jewish community if you have a religious belief you wear a beanie not a baseball cap I am completely completely outraged over this. Not to mention the employees that were laughing at me when I asked for the managers names and corporate numbers . I will NEVER EVER step foot in that facility ever again I want as many people as I can get to share the status so no one will ever go to sky zone Lakewood no ever again. Believe me this is not about being Jewish it's about the point in being fair I have many Jewish friends and I don't bash anyone's religion it's the point that if baseball caps are not allowed on the trampolines that rule has to apply to everyone !!! again nothing to do with Jewish people i'm standing up for what I believe and I believe that this is wrong. my money is the same as that man's money there is no difference here between me and him religion or not. ....


  1. Lady , calm down , why are you so angry
    First off I go to Skyzone all the time , and the people there are dolls .
    Second off , it is Lakewood
    Third off , Jewish Law requires males at all times to have their head covered
    It doesn't have to be a yarmulka, it can be anything
    The yarmulka tends to fall off , so done wear a cap at Skyzone , but ideally , they are super careful about safety there and unless you have a really good reason , they'd prefer no hats .
    But my bigger question is Why u so angry ma'am? Chill out life's great .

  2. Must be same rules for everybody, no exceptions. Double standards create the anger this lady is expressing, and it is understandable.

  3. Ma'am,
    I don't blame you for being angry. It was terribly stupid of them to ask you to remove your hat. I f they're catering to the Jewish people, then let them cater to you, too.

  4. I think everyone should say they are jewish, muslim or any religion that requires a hair covering.End of story

  5. This is actually a big misunderstanding. I know you are allowed to wear a hat, if you are NOT jumping. I was also wearing a hat, because my yarmulka wont stay on. If the mgmnt told me to remove my baseball cap, i would have gone home and put on the biggest yarmulka i could find, and secure it with some heavy duty bobby pins. However, they said it was ok...because i always cover my head (Jewish custom).
    It was blown out of control, unfortunately. But this woman actually had a healthy, full head, of well groomed hair. She felt uncomfortable, unnecessarily so. i hope the staff learns from this event, on how to work with difficult situations. they are wonderful workers, and we all have room to improve.

  6. Who says the letter writer is a lady?

    1. When you follow it back to facebook, it is a very common womans name. We are assuming it is not a fake profile Stam.