Friday, May 27, 2016

The Rosh yeshivas message

The Lakewood Rosh yeshiva Harav Yerucham Olshin mentioned during a recent speech about a particular fundraising literature for the yeshiva that contained some facts and figures, the rosh yeshiva felt does not reflect the bnei hayeshiva or what the yeshiva stands for. The Rosh Yeshiva asked mechilla from the bnei hayeshiva for the bizayon that came of it and spoke strongly about how it slipped through and apologized for it.


  1. Sifera calendar?

  2. Surprising the very statement the Rosh Yeshiva was upset about was repeated again.

    1. Not surprising at all the culture in administration has changed over the years nevertheless the youngelite know better but it's nice that the rosh yeshiva took a public stand on what he believes and stands for.