Wednesday, May 11, 2016

School taxes going up, another referendum in November

APP reports School taxes are going up. The BOE will vote on it tonight. The proposed local tax levy for 2016-17 is $95.37 million, up more than $4.4 million. For the owner of a home assessed at $250,000, that will mean an extra $294 in school taxes. In addition the District is asking for an additional $2 million dollars in a referendum this coming November asking  voters to approve an additional tax levy of $2 million to lower the deficit.  If approved, the additional $2 million tax levy for deficit reduction would add just less than $80 to that homeowner's total school tax bill. 


  1. I wonder if in order to guarantee bussing for their children, families will change private schools to those that over 2.5 miles away. It is a shame that public students, with local zoned schools would not have such an opportunity.

    1. This is not an issue. No one is changing their school for that reason. It's as silly as suggesting that people will move to a new home to be further....

      People are invested in their school and wouldn't switch for bussing.