Monday, May 2, 2016

Satmar construction update


  1. we are all waiying desperately for Satmar to come to Lakewood to Knock out the Lakewood Establishment. Satmar will Feif dem un Like they Feif un the rest of the Litvishe Velt in New York. To Them the Livtvishe are just a Bunch of Mardene Shabbos Goyim whom they have to shield their children from

  2. where is this being built?

    1. I think near the senior dev on Cross str

  3. To comment number one, if you have such a problem with the litvishe velt, why did you move to Lakewood, and why would it be a good thing for them to start machlokes.

    I don't care who lives in Lakewood, what doesn't make sense is if you amd they have problems with the lotvishe velt, go build your own town where you won't have to fight anyone.

  4. i am the auther of comment number 1May 4, 2016 at 5:59 PM

    i am not chasidishe i wear a short jacket tie and shave and learnt in non chasidic yeshivos however none of my ancentors originate from Lithuania or Poland some otf them have been in this country 5 generations starting from the late 1800. what should i label myself? (in america anybody who is not chasidish is automatically slapped with a litvishe label)

    Having grow up in brooklyn i do have some experiance with American Chasidim