Saturday, May 14, 2016

Rock concert in Lakewood 3 stages of non stop music

The schedule for the 3 day rock festival will have the concerts and bands playing up into Sunday night first night of Rosh Hashana. Residents living near the Blueclaws stadium may want to relocate for that weekend. Over 50,000 expected. Carnival will begin at 12 pm. Three stages of non stop music! Main Stages, outside stages
 Friday, September 30th 5pm to 11pm 
Saturday October 1st, 12pm to 11pm
Sunday October 2nd  concert till 11:00pm (Erev Rosh hashana)
First energy park


  1. The stupidest thing about it is the township will not receive a penny from this since our genius politicians gave control of all events at the stadium to the blueclaws

  2. Who will pay our police for the Overtime.... and public works for the clean up , and the First Aid for all the overdoses ...

  3. Thank you for the event info, however I will not be going as I am not a fan of the musical groups performing.

    1. i'm excited about twisted sister and ace frehley (founding member of kiss) but i haven't ever heard of any of the other performers.


  5. Which of the Lakewood businesses will be the grand sponsor of the event?