Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Playgroup with many children exposed to high CO levels

A school on Somerest Avenue with over 150 Children exposed to high CO levels Lakewood Hatzolah and doctors on scene MCI (Mass casualty incident) declared. 1 adult taken to Hospital, children are B"H Ok but being evaluated for precaution.  Video below                                  


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  2. Oy whats with this building first Chavrei Hakolell had to move out after the floor gave way now this??? Will it be safe for the Bochurim to learn there for the upcoming summer zman?

  3. From
    Lakewood, NJ – The building of Yeshiva Naos Yaakov on Somerset Avenue in Lakewood, NJ, has been evacuated this afternoon after a high level of carbon monoxide was detected.

    The building houses two playgroups, and the children were safely escorted from the building at about 12:45 p.m.

    Since it is bein hazemanim and the upcoming zeman has not commenced, the talmidim of Na’os Yaakov were not present in the building, where construction-related activity is believed to have have triggered a CO alarm.

    Members of Hatzolah of Lakewood, Lakewood EMS, and the Lakewood Fire Department are on scene as CO levels in the building are tested. In addition, every evacuated child – over one hundred in total – is being tested for contamination.

    The street, between East County Line Road and East Seventh Street, has been closed to thru traffic.

    Items from the playgroups, including pack-n-plays, have been taken outside and lined up on the sidewalk.

    A special blow-up tent has been set up by Lakewood Township EMS as officials and emergency personnel assist parents and caregivers.

    The children were first brought from the building into ambulances amidst the chilly temperatures and rain. They were then transferred to buses before being taken to the inflatable tent, where each child’s name was recorded and testing was administered.

    A formal declaration of an MCI (mass casualty incident) has been made.

    The building is located south of County Line Road, right next door to Noam Lane, across the street from Village Park. It formerly housed Chavrei Hakollel of Lakewood and is now home to Rav Shlomo Feivel Schustal’s Yeshiva Naos Yaakov.

  4. Its because of the sinas chinum in westgate

  5. Its simple human error. When will people learn about this danger? How many people have to get hurt or die before they learn?

    1. learn what?
      they had sensors and the alarm went off. everything was done properly. what's your problem?

  6. It's not sinas chinum in Westgate.
    It's the "sdoim'niks" and the "airev-rav" that are making their appearance.

  7. Apparently there was minor construction planned in a different area of the building and somehow carbon monoxide fumes traveled into the playgroup area, and caused the alarm to go off.

  8. this is why there is a warning on gas powered tools not to use them indoors, good the detectors were working.