Sunday, May 22, 2016

New website to address Lakewood Smart Growth plan

A website was launched to address the Smart Growth Plan for Lakewood. The purpose it claims is to raise public awareness and come up with creative ideas and solutions to increase quality of life.  The newly appointed master-plan committee was said to have met last week. 
 Welcome Friends. Our town of Lakewood, New Jersey is in the process of updating it's Smart Growth plan. Everyone who lives here is eating the fruits of the last time this process was commenced. Have you ever not gotten stuck in traffic going anywhere?

Our purpose here is not to point fingers or lay blame at any individuals or entities. The creation of this blog is to raise public awareness and for us, the people, to brainstorm together and come up with creative ideas and solutions to increase the quality of life going forwards. read more HERE


  1. Unless proven otherwise,this website appears to be put up by non other that the newly formed masterplan committee. Its an attempt to lull us into thinking that our voices and concerns will be heard and addressed. If people were serious about it, the first place to look at is who was actually chosen to sit on the committee. Its the same old players who put in their puppets. Until the average taxpayer really gets put in a position of power thats when some changes can be made, for now this is a sham IMHO.

  2. Don't be fooled friends no one is taking your voice or opinion into account. The deals have all been signed the ink is dry the corks were popped.

  3. Harold herskowitzMay 24, 2016 at 5:01 AM

    The propaganda is coming in fast and furious. First A "book" promoted at the local library about the lakewood community that reads like it was written by Mr. Rogers. It's always a wonderful day in the neighborhood of Lakewood. Everything is perfect. Now a website trying to sell the most ridiculous planning as smart growth. The smartest growth is to spread out naturally to adjacent towns as families look for cheaper housing. Now that Jackson and Toms River have gone up in price, other towns are becoming an option. To build significant developments in Lakewood is not an option any longer. But the building won't stop. Businesses are suffering due to a lack of ability to move in our town. The only option is for a business to open multiple locations which is not economically feasible. Lakewood is not business friendly and businesses are moving into Howell in droves to benefit from the open space. The UEZ tax rate is not enough to keep businesses. The downtown area is over. It will never become the city center it was intended to be.
    The town is once again claiming that all the new ratables are keeping taxes from going up. All while we see our tax bills rise. Adding housing adds costs. We lose millions for every new development. It will take one year before we need to pay millions for all these new ratables. Lakewood is simply a Ponzi scheme run by a few people, and nobody has the guts to stop it.

  4. Harold herskowitzMay 24, 2016 at 5:24 AM

    My comment on the smart growth website.
    Let's see if it gets on there.
    Harold herskowitz said...

    I could go on for hours about what true smart growth is. I dont have the time or the willingness to waste my breath on a subject that is not the real issue at hand, so I will make it as succinct as possible. 
    The first rule of any Smart Growth plan is:
    There should be absolutely no growth until the core of a town is solid. Once all areas of blight are repaired significantly, discussions of Smart growth can begin. True Smart growth takes many years to develop, not months. What our town has experienced over The last ten years took other municipalities, closer to city centers, more than double the amount of time to discuss, build infrastructure, and create a strong commercial tax base to support the growth. Birth rates and a desire to find cheap housing are simply an excuse for this growth, not a reality. Turning a town into an unliveable mass of housing will never pass as smart growth. Putting people connected to developers, and those that benefit from this system as the gatekeepers will not create smart growth. I will be very impressed if this comment makes it onto your website, and even more impressed if I see someone on the master plan committee that actually knows the first rule of Smart growth. Fix what you have first.

    May 24, 2016 at 8:22 AM

  5. Herschel
    They put your comments on their website!!