Sunday, May 22, 2016

Light the BIGGEST Lag Baomer bonfire in Lakewood!

Bid HERE THE ZECHUS TO LIGHT THE HADLAKAH AT THE MINYAN SHELANU LAG BAOMER EVENT 5776. You are bidding on the Zechus to light the Minyan Shelanu 15th annual Lag Baomer Bonfire. Bidding may continue at event and end before hadlaka. Winning bidder should please contact us immediately at and/or 732-276-7361 to arrange payment and details.

The Minyan Shelanu 15th Annual Bonfire/BBQ will take place on Thursday May 26th from 7:00pm-12:00am at Pine Park located on County Line Road in Lakewood, NJ. The Hadlaka will be at 7PM. 

Minyan Shelanu is once again proud to present our Annual Lag Baomer Bonfire Event. Intense preparations are underway for this year's Minyan Shelanu’s tremendous event. What started out as a modest Bar-B-Q in the back of a building has grown and grown. As the community began attending in droves the venues kept changing to larger locations. This year the event will be held on the 26th of May at Pine Park on County Line Road. As the venue has grown so has the itinerary, as a matter of fact it has developed into a full blown event with a long delectable menu grilled on location accompanied by live music and dancing, rides and nosh for the children, and more. The highlight of course, may be the grand raffle for $10,000.00!

The Minyan Shelanu each year holds a $10,000.00 raffle which the winner is selected at this event. These funds assist The Minyan somewhat to be able to continue its incredible work. Under the leadership of R’ Chaim Abadi shlit”a, the Minyan has come to earn fame and accolades across the town and far beyond, for a home to everyone. Teenagers and adults alike find a home at the Minyan. The minyanim, shiurim, as well as events is the source of so many individual's ruchnius. The signature game room, the meals, and the place to call home is the epicenter of so many lives. Most importantly is the warmth of the Minyan Shelanu. Many items can be purchased or acquired, genuine warmth and love for everyone is a rarity to come upon. The Minyan very rarely solicits funds. This is an opportunity to help a mossad kadosh as well as have a memorable evening and possibly even an unforgettable evening for the winner of the $10,000.00. Children unattended by adults will not be allowed in. To purchase tickets or to read more about Minyan Shelanu, please visit our website at Cant wait to see you there!

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