Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Lakewood buisness donates thousands of bathing sponges to residents of Flint, Michigan

Thousands of bathing sponges are coming to Flint in an effort to bring some relief during the continuing water crisis.Jessica Gutierrez says she ordered the Latherz sponge online to use on her children."I was looking for something I could use with the least amount of water I could bathe my household in," says Gutierrez, mother of four. She ordered the package with twenty-five sponges for $10.99 from Mars Med Supply and loved it so much she wrote the company.

Statement wrote:

Photo: NBC 25 Detroit
As you may know, the water situation is getting worse as the temp heats up due to bacteria along with the other toxins in the water. Also during summer months we tend to need to bathe more than in the winter. These cloths really help us use a minimal amount of bottled water for bathing. I am grateful for your company's charity. You Kindness is very much so needed as our financial situation isnt the best as we still struggle to pay for water that isn't usable in an attempt to preserve our credit. I wish you many blessing and thank you all again for your support.
-- Jessica Gutierrez

The concept is simple, but the impact is huge says Mars Meds Supply President, Mark Bakst.

"When we received Jessica's comment on our product, we knew we had to do something to help Flint residents. Here I am a Michigan native with a crisis happening in my home state, how could I not help?" says Bakst.

Bakst says the Latherz sponge was initially created to serve the seniors and those with limited mobility.

The company their first donation of the all-in-one bathing sponge to WIC in Flint in April 2016.


  1. Askanus in Lakewood, askanus in Michigan, askanus around the world. Chazak ve'ematz. continue to make millions and billions of mitzvos of chesed.

  2. Harold herskowitzMay 18, 2016 at 6:04 PM

    Thank you for making such an amazing Kiddush Hashem. I hope this goes nationwide and shows how much good lakewood can do around the world.

  3. |It was really funded by their former accountant Evan Scharfs company