Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Lakewood BOE to vote on new busing pilot plan could cost another $4 million

APP reports the pilot plan  which was introduced to give the private schools more control of the entitled busing could end up costing more.  LAKEWOOD - Legislation meant to ease Lakewood’s chronic busing woes could cost the school district an extra $4 million or more per year, district officials say. 
The analysis, which one legislator disputes, coincides with mounting local opposition to a pair of bills introduced in April that would give local Orthodox Jewish yeshivas and other private schools greater autonomy to work out transportation arrangements for their own students — using public funds.
Leaders of Lakewood’s estimated 100 yeshivas strongly support the measure, which they see as a way to de-politicize and stabilize the district’s tumultuous and increasingly costly busing program. “It is a bold idea to disengage the district from the retail management of a huge busing enterprise and allows self-management by the schools themselves,” Rabbi Moshe Zev Weisberg, the leader of the Igud Hamosdos, a council of Orthodox Jewish school leaders, said in an email. read more at APP.com

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