Thursday, May 26, 2016

Lag Baomer events and info Lakewood 5776

Send your name and kvitel to Meron now and support Lakewood tzedaka Yad Yisrael call 732-806-5444 or email:

Chai Rotel mashke available all day in front of Satmar shul on Forest avenue hot food and music later in the day from 7:00 .pm and on

Half day of school at Lakewood cheder, Toras Aaron, Shagaas Aryeh, Ohr Yehuda

Hadlaka lekovod lag baomer this Thursday at 7pm in Highgrove Crescent. Men women and children are invited.

Hearthstone lag baomer carnival, 109 Finchley 3:45-6:45 pm all proceeds to benefit hearthstone avos Ubanim.

Lutzk: Lag Baomer Fire & BBQ Thursday, May 26 5:00 pm

High street Lag Baomer fire 5:30 pm

Minyan shelanu Lag Naomer fire at Pine park Hadlaka 7:00 pm

Khal Bais Avraham Poplar street Hdlaka at 7:00 pm

Ohr Mattisyahu Thursday Night Mincha 8:00 followed by massive 'que, live music, cigars, and more. 953 E County Line Rd (bet. Somerset & Brook

Hisvadus Lag baomer with Rav Nosson Gouraire 9:30 pm @ 1415 Willow ct

NPGS Lag Baomer BBQ sale

Gourmet Glatt Tasting for J&j garlic and chives cream cheese and horseradish cream this Thursday 5/26 from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm!

Bonfire cupcakes at Seasons kosher for Lag Baomer 

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  1. Add this too.

    New Jersey Invasion
    Car Meet|Live DJ|Food Trucks

    May 26 2016
    8pm to 11.30pm

    Blue Claws Stadium
    2 Stadium Way
    Lakewood NJ
    Please use NEW HAMPSHIRE ROAD entrance. The other entrance will be blocked.

    $200 Cash Prize on the Deepest crew on the meet!
    Please make sure all your crew members have banners. All cars without a banner will not be counted as a part of your team.

    ◾No Burnout
    ◾No Revving
    ◾No Loud Music

    We rented the whole lot and we are 100% sure that we will not get kicked out. With this said, the stadium will be open so you guys can use their bathrooms.

    $5 per CAR not per person.

    There will be food trucks will be at the event.

    We got a live DJ that will provide some music for us.

    See you all there!