Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Lag Baomer 5776 מדורות ל"ג בעומר Wednesday night Lakewood

*Make sure children are hydrated hot weather today plus attending fire can cause dehydration
מדורות ל"ג בעומר Lakewood Lag Baomer fire & mahadura  
Satmar bus to Monroe leaving 7:30 in front of Satmar BM on Forest
Krishevsky- 677  8th street 9:30 pm  בית מדרש קרישבסקי
Breslov- 423 6th Street between Madison and Forest  9:45 ביהמ''ד ברסלב
Stolin- 7th street corner Cornelius ביהמ''ד סטאלין
Bais Efraim- Rav Shimano New Central & Leigh 9:30

B''M- Ohev Yisrael 345 H ope Chapel hadlaka on Hope Hill ln 9:30
Strulowitz B'M- corner 8th & Madison 9:40 Admor Mrimanov will be on hand
Brook Hill 2 Milano corner East Kennedy ביהמ''ד שמן למנחה
Belz- Harmony park
Rachmastrivk- County Line
West gate Khal Chasidim Brisk corner Hillside

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