Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Jackson Police chief at odds with Pols over LCSW patrols

Mayor and other politicians in Jackson expressed frustration over the Police chief statement regarding LCSW patrols in neighboring townships. This was posted on the Jackson police Facebook page.
On this date, Chief Kunz, Capt. Laskiewicz, Lt. Convery and Lt. Hratko met with several representatives of the Lakewood Civilian Safety Watch, or LCSW. Also in attendance was Chief Lawson of the Lakewood Police Department. The LCSW staff was already aware of the concerns and requests of Mayor Reina and Councilman Nixon that the LCSW not patrol in Jackson Township. They were also aware of the many allegations circulated via social media.

Since the community concerns of possible quasi-police actions by the LCSW in Jackson Township, to include alleged traffic stops, patrols of the township and the use of red or blue lights and or sirens, the Jackson Police Department had investigated as far as possible, and contacted the LCSW for a meeting. Please know that no evidence of the alleged activities was discovered or corroborated in the course of investigating the matter. This is a civilian group, and they appear to be cognizant of their limitations.
According to the LCSW, they do not “patrol” in Jackson Township, nor do they have plans to do so. The vehicles they utilize are marked to identify them as part of the LCSW. Any warning lamps on the vehicles are amber-only in color, and they have indicated that they do hold the proper permits for amber warning lamps such as would be authorized for security-type vehicles. The group wears garments which identify them as SAFETY WATCH members.
The LCSW group will provide assistance for any person or group upon request. Such assistance may include well-being checks for family or friends, or checking on homes when the residents are away. The Lakewood Police Department does interact with them in certain circumstances, akin to the support that CERT teams provide via the Office of Emergency Management. Members of the LCSW are trained to make observations and report them to the police department, not to take law enforcement action.
Going forward, the LCSW was invited to have any associates or acquaintances residing in Jackson Township, that desire to initiate a neighborhood watch program, to contact us, such as twenty or so other groups have done, so we may have a “level playing field” and organize all such groups under common guidelines.
Chief Matthew Kunz


  1. Another neighboring mayor trying to stir the hate. there is nothing illegal about a car driving through a neighborhood and if they see suspicious activity to report it, don't think there is a legal way to ban it if they wanted to. But following in the footsteps of Thoms River, the mayor feels the need to stir up some hate.

    That being said. they shouldn't patrol there. there are plent areas of Lakewood that don't see patrols either. No reason to give the politicians an excuse to rile up the peasants.

    1. At least it's goyim stirring up the hate, not like in west gate where the anti Semitism is coming from within.

  2. Its not legal to to stalk people and thats what they are known to do here inlakewood. Its also not legal to have tinted windows which are darker then the allowed limit. Its also not legal for unmarked lcsw vehicles to have red concealed lights.
    Ive seen some unmarked which have these concealed lights. All vollenteeers should be required to have marked vehicles.

  3. Hershel HerskowitzMay 11, 2016 at 4:34 AM

    If they are kept unchecked, they will become a mafia. They are contributing to the lawlessness of our town. They bring no benefits for all the money they have usurped that could have gone to beneficial organizations such as Chaveirim. We néed to remove this organization, defund it from tax payer dollars immediately. Menashe Miller gives them whatever they want because they intimidate him and threaten him with their power in the local media. Too many conflicts of interest and corrupt behavior warrant this organization to be removed from our midst. Let the police chief of Jackson deal with them.