Sunday, May 15, 2016

Bernie Sanders campaign to host Lakewood event with Meyuchad shechita

Sanders campaign will be hosting 3 events this Sunday May 15th The Yussis Deli in Lakewood. Times are 9 am 12 pm and 3 pm at 234 2nd street hosted by David Zachary.

You're  invited to join your neighbors and supporters to knock on the doors of supporters and undecided voters. We'll provide you with a script, a list of voters that you'll be talking to, and a map of where to go. We'll also train you to use your time effectively out in the field.
You'll be able to talk to real people about how this country belongs to all of us, not just the billionaire class. Our victory starts with us knocking on doors together.


  1. א באנדע משוגעים
    Voting for the seltzer man with the rumpled suits from New York.

  2. Right. If he can't afford a $2000 suit, he should have stolen the money. And if he can't do that, for moral reasons, he is ineligible for the presidency.

    Go Bernie!