Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Another weekend music festival at Blueclaws stadium

Following the 3 day concerts were over 50,000 are expected, another festival will take place the following weekend Friday and Saturday from 2 pm to 11 pm (Shabbos shuva) Adventure In The Park is an annual, multi-day, dance music celebration that takes place Saturday, October 8th and Sunday October 9th at FirstEnergy Park, in Lakewood, New Jersey. Adventure In The Park 2016 promises an experience like no other. Our 4 stages will feature the biggest and most diverse lineup ever as well as Skyboxes, VIP Access, food trucks, and much, much MORE! Festival security will be on-site at Adventure In The Park in multiple designated locations. Additionally, Lakewood EMS and Police will be place throughout the festival grounds at all times to ensure safety for our fans.


  1. Love all the events this year. They are doing a great job promoting our town.

  2. They should legally limit the decibal level to 85 db which is safe according to health officials this way it will not disturb the surrounding community

    1. I agree they should see that it is 85db, but only at neighboring residences property line. Though they should also do a 2 week long study to see the normal impact of the road traffic too.

  3. I knew it was a dumb idea to move near the stadium
    I almost did
    Glad I didn't

  4. This is really bringing so much kedusha to the ihr hatorah. The stadium project brought no revenue to the township but the payoff for others was worth to look the other way.

  5. Thank you BMG does anyone know about the new 40 year scam contract Mr Singer just signed with them? 100k a year for 40 years when they are netting 8 million from the stadium!