Wednesday, May 25, 2016

12 months since petira of Habachur Chaim Rosenberg A"H

Lag Baomer 18 Iyar 5776 will be 12 months since the Petirah of Habachur Chaim Rosenberg A"H. Since it was a leap year the yartzheit will be observed on 18 Sivan 5776. Friends of Chaim a"'h set up a fund to Write a Sefer Torah Lilui Nishmaso. Dedication opportunities are still available. Please learn some Mishnayos לעילוי נשמת הבחור חיים יצחק בן ר' יעקב ז''ל
Yartzheit event TBA. To donate click HERE 42,000 paid Sefer Toarh and Klaf ( parchment)

4,700 Atziey Chaim ( torah handles) pure silver

2,500 Sefer Torah Mantel ( Toarh Cover) 

2,500 Sefer Torah Mantel Yomim noraim (High 
holidays torah cover) 

250 Torah Gartel ( wrapper)

250 Torah Gartel Yomin Noraim (high
holiday wrapper)

8,000 Torah crown Pure Silver

5,000 Torah Plate Pure Silver

1,000 Yad ( torah Pointer) Pure silver

13,000 Sefer Torah Seudas Mitzva Approx.
350ppl inclusive of Caterer, waiters , 
mashgichim and venue.

1,800 Sefer Torah Procession inclusive of 
Music truck, Crown on wheels 
torches ,banners, flags as well as entire 
music package for meal.

2,400 Go fund me fees.

1,600 Credit card processing fees

= 85,000

please contact thechabura1@gmail for dedication opportunities.

If anyone knows of an organization, Shul Or Yeshiva in Lakewood who can utilize the sefer torah dedicated to as a fund raiser and in lieu provide us with an additional dedication to chaim Rosenberg A"H please email thechabura1@gmail.

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