Friday, April 15, 2016

Toms River to spend $10 million to stop development from Lakewood

APP reports Toms River township introduced a bill to buy  more than 50 acres off Route 9 near the Lakewood border  for $10.3 million to protect it from potential development. The 56 acres of land  is are located in Toms River's northern section, off Route 9, between Riverwood Drive and Cox Cro Road. It is in the area where council members recently voted to ban real estate soliciting for five years after residents complained that aggressive real estate solicitors were ruining their quality of life.

The Township Council took the first step toward buying the properties Tuesday night, when council members voted 5 to 0 to introduce an ordinance allocating money for the purchase. The council introduced a companion measure that authorizes acquisition of the property through purchase or eminent domain. read more at APP

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  1. Probably cheaper than paying to litigate future lawsuits against the town from developers.