Thursday, April 14, 2016

Tax dollars at work- Video LIC meeting

Over 2$ million for T hangers at Lakewood airport money comes from blueclaws lease payments among other sources


  1. How Very Patriotic, Pledge allegiance to the flag, then proceed to fleece the taxpayers out of $2 million for airport hangers that benefits very few people, mostly non-residents, while the Town falls apart.

    They are concerned about Cedar Bridge Ave? Do these people drive in this city. 90% of the roads are worse than Cedar Bridge.

  2. BTW Does anyone know the justification for investing tax dollars/public money into the airport .
    Does this bring benefit in any way Lakewood residents ?
    In case you are not sure what T hangars are ,see here:

  3. Struggling tax payers barely making ends meet while The LIC chairman gets a 6 figure salary plus a monthly car allowance for $400.

  4. Let me get this, taxpayer money was used to build the stadium in which we got nothing in return. The Blueclaws were paying next to nothing and the township was paying hundreds of thousands in maintenance costs. now they negotiate a lease payment of 175K a year and that money is paying for T hangers at the Lakewood airport again which brings no income to the tax rolls but benefits a few well connected individuals. Enough is enough! No money for BOE, or busing but spend tax payer money on pet projects is ok.