Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Regesh/ Tekumah 24 hr Fundraising drive on charidy.com

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Tekumah and Regesh, are programs that were created to educate, work with, and  prevent youth at risk. We are an organization with Daas Torah at our Helm guiding us constantly as we weave in and out the intricacies of this area of yidishkeit, led by the Mashgiach of Bais Medrash Govoha HaRav Yehuda Jacobs shlita.

Tekumah and it's staff are here for a large Spectrum Jewish youth. On the most helpless angle, we address the needs of those struggling teens who don't even consider turning somewhere for help, and end up falling literally to the roadside. We have trained and experienced personal of men and of women who reach out, and initiate interaction and direction, enabling us to address the needs of the some of the most inaccessible of our youth.

Our "Regesh Network" provides the community with free and confidential crisis hotlines for boys, girls and parental support. Our trained team of specialists and educators offer a listening ear and a guiding light to our youth, who may be going through difficult times. Although we are a new organization, launched in August, The Regesh Network has fielded over 3000 calls to date. 

As you may imagine, our hotline receives all types of calls, from all over the country. Our largest group of callers are young people experiencing abuse of some sort, questions about Yiddishkeit and children who are going through some sort of family crisis .In addition, our parenting hotlines are kept quite busy with parents  seeking help and services. We also get many calls from friends and family who are  concerned about their  loved ones.

We take each and every call seriously and  treat  all callers with dignity and respect.  Each  call that comes in , becomes the catalyst to getting the help that they are seeking.

No matter what the situation, Regesh  trained and experienced advocates are supportive and will do whatever it takes to help these suffering families in their time of need.

To learn more about The Regesh Network give us a call at  732.367.7700

or vist us on the web    https://tekumah.com/regesh-network/

Center Girls-Mercaz Rochel is a night program for girls started by Devorah Malamud.

It is a night program for girls, a place where young girls could come and feel part of a larger group focused on supporting one another without judgmental attitudes.

It’s a destination for fun with friends, social activities and dinner.Throughout the year we have activities, Trips, BBQs, swimming and inspirational talks . In addition, we have a Purim Party,Chanukah Party,Tisha B’av program, Shavous ice cream Bash and Shabbos meals.

Hurry! It’s everything or nothing!


  1. Folks, not every Holy child fits in the " BOX" to be a Rabbinical scholar.We need to offer our children other options so that they can be Holy and Productive with a dose of Self Confidence.A real tech school with a shot of the Holy Torah would give these children a place in the community. As more and more Yeshivas are built in Lakewood, tragically more and more children will not fit in that BOX leading to a Horrific Descent. We need to offer more OPTIONS , HERE in Lakewood and not some far away place. Sad to see NO comments and very little Gelt to lift up these Very HOLY children

  2. I think more gelt woukd be given if the root of the problems were tackled and not just theagafter the fact problem.
    The problems lie in our educational system and also in social pressures which are created by them. Its a catch 22 which has to be dealt with like eraticating a cancer. Onky fixinging the aftet facts is just a bandage.