Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Now the boys turn


  1. Can some one please explain me why any child would not be accepted into primary??? Aren't all children holly pure neshamos? What can a kid do so bad at 5 that a school wont accept him/her?

    1. Because these pure neshomas may have parents and homes that are very likely to corrupt them.

      I'm having a major issue with all the Nivul Peh, movies and bullying my oldest son sees or hears about in his school. I enrolled him there because I was naive enough to believe those lines about "Yiddeshe Nesomas" .And I was even more naive to believe that there are no "bad" schools in Lakewood

  2. Its beautiful. In which,other place do you find so much hishtadlus to place every child in a school

  3. The Vaad should be disbanded and new elections should take place for members representing the entire tzibbur. There is not one chasidish member on it. All other members are anonymous

  4. "Even if you were assured that your child will be accepted, but have not received written confirmation..."

    Translation: the roshei mosdos have been known to lie and use Jewish neshomos as pawns.

  5. There are a hundred Mosdos. If you feel that all or most roshei mosdos are liars and use children as pawns ,then there is a simple solution. Open up a mosad, finance it or get somebody like Rechnitz to finance it ,and hire an honest rosh mosad. Then accept everybody you want and the problem will be gone. No more pawns.