Friday, April 1, 2016

Honest reporting

Is it too difficult to report the truth?  Anyone who followed the Planning board meeting regarding the bais Horaah building saw the facts for what they are. The distortion of the truth by the local papers only insults the intelligence of the tzibur and portrays a makom Torah as being not ehrlich. Why is it so hard to tell the truth, it's on video for all to see. 


  1. Its a machlokes of the askanim according to an article yesterday the Frum Jewish merchants had every right to demand the shul uphold the zoning laws. The newspapers say they are mosrim and rabble rousers.

  2. double standard in Westgate they bully R' Forcheimer to cover for them and allow them to stop a shul but at the bais horaah R shlomo wrote mesira and Roshei Yeshiva also signed against opposing the Bais Horaah.

  3. Don't just call out The Voice, The Shopper is also guilty.