Wednesday, April 27, 2016

3rd Day Chol Hamoed

Chuck E cheese Chai Lifeline fundraiser buy tokens and support the Org. $30 for 150 tokens plus 500 prize tickets.

Pirchei- Keansburg amusement park open from 2:45- 8 PM. $15 all day. Buy only from Pirchei ticket booth.

Hot takeout food at Esther Gerber 8-1 am

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  1. Wednesday Chol Hamoed Pesach 2016 there will be hot food for sale at the entrance to the Esther Gerber Hall located on the corner of route 9 and 5th street cong sons of Israel Glatt Kosher Non Gebrochts All Keilim and cooking ware are new -toiveled all chicken and meats are meal mart / alle / kj (purchased from epstiens meats Lakewood Hours 8pm -1am For general inquiries and Kashrus information Call or Text 347-554-0982