Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Trump to build wall around Lakewood

Donald trump took some down time from his busy schedule to check up on his family particular his Frum dauther and son in law. Since his son in law has connections with Lakewood and are donors to the yeshiva the Donald takes an interest in the comings and goings in that town down the Jersey shore. An aid delivered interesting articles about Lakewood for him to catch up on. A speech by a fellow philanthropist caught his attention and he took the time to listen to the entire speech. Mr. Trump was not happy at all after reading the responses from other billionaires in Lakewood he felt it was his turn to chime in as well.
First Mr. Trump took it personal, he was not happy that Lakewood was called out in public like that. He decided to hold a Rally in the Kushner Rotunda in BMG.  Asked how he would help alleviate the crisis in making sure all kids are accepted, the Donald replied very simple we will build a wall a very tall wall around Lakewood  not to keep the illegals out but to keep outsiders especially from Brooklyn from moving in to Lakewood. In response the Hillary team based in Brooklyn was quick to respond. Not only should  all Brooklynites have a right to move to Lakewood, but Mrs. Clinton shares a long history with Lakewood prior the Donald's involvement. The spokesperson noted her help in bringing a medical clinic as well as a political fundraiser she attended  in Lakewood  at the home  of Mr. Lichtenstein a ardent Hillary supporter  a former long term Lakewood who airs a weekly halachic controversial  radio show. He invited the Donald to discuss the sugya of "can you spend shabbos at your father in laws house if he is a goy or perhaps if hes the president". The donald agreed only if he can speak about "what if Hillary Clinton is your bashert"  He than openly challenged Mr. Rechnitz if you'll build schools ill put my name on the buildings but you must take in m y Jewish grandchildren. A Trump staffer than asked the Lakewood vaad who they will endorse in a Trump Clinton election it was a no brainer he said we give our vote to the highest bidder.


  1. After the wall is built will Lakewood keep shushan purim like Yerushalayim

  2. Toms River should pay for the wall