Friday, March 18, 2016

The inside story?

Not many details for an inside story


  1. What's the "rest" of the inside story?

  2. Gneivas daas and a misleading headline. Shame on the voice for printing this and insulting it's readership.

  3. if they really cared about the klal they would just rent an office in any building for a minimum cost of 300 a month and they wouldnt have to go crazy with dinners to fund the Bais Horaa. And maybe they would actually have extra money to pay these choshuve rabbonim better for taking of their time to answer shaalos.
    I'm not sure why a bais Horaa needs to have a state of the art building on the highest real estate Market. a small office in a nice building is choshuv enough. or rent an office in a shul.... But put up a huge building with a crazy expensive shul and start a kollel and plus ......... and then expect everyone to stop and make room for your parking. I dont know whos the gveer behind this but who ever he is if he really cared he would sell a peice of marble of the aron kodesh and dome ceiling he made and buy the property next door and make parking for his mitzva of creating a bais horaa...... dont spend the millions on the interior and then leave the parking for all the store owners to another property for your parking.

    Maybe I'm missing something here.... dont get me wrong I love the bais Horaa and what it does but not the way it was done.
    matbe someone else can shed light here

  4. perhaps some people Were Overzealos in being Poigea in the Kovod of a Rosh Bais Din who Originates from London

  5. Rav Yisroel Arye Knopfler Shlita