Monday, March 28, 2016

Thanks to all the safety messages

The many pre Purim safety messages paid off. The Tzibur would C"V not have known how to behave and use common sense. There were no DWI arrests over Purim wow what a great news item to post. We were expecting many DWI arrests and lo and behold there were none, hmm how can that be? The Tzibbur in Lakewood doesn't drink and drive?? How can they be so responsible? what a surprise!! 


  1. Can u imaginr there was even a reminder to fill up with gas before delivering mishloach manos so nonone runsbout in the middle. I also remembered to go to the bathroom before i left my home purim morning.

    1. Per a Chaveirim coordinator: they received a lot less out of gas calls this purim compared to other years.

  2. All these alerts from lcsw, hatzolah, Chaverim, is insulting to our intelligence. There must have been over ten messages how we adults should behave on Purim. They do it to be relevant but its just dumb. More so that the ones posting these messages are little kids with zero life experience or responsibilities.

  3. You sound so bitter!!

    Remember: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. - Benjamin Franklin

  4. 1&3 I think this is a big kiddush hashem. How many times do people do stupid things that they know are wrong and excuse themselves by saying “i was tired, hungry, upset, drunk etc.”.
    Of course we know not to drink and drive, but the path from the head to the heart is a very long distance indeed.

  5. I think #1&3 overestimate the intelligence of the community

  6. To the admin of this blog, grab yourself a beer (or 2) and chill out and stop going to the scoop's website. Sheesh you sound like such a baby. (BTW putting "not" at the end of a sentence went out of style 10 years ago, we get that your being sarcastic no need for the "not")