Tuesday, March 22, 2016

OJPAC: State underfunding is the problem

 The veto-powered monitor over the school board in Lakewood, NJ, has made cuts to the public school as state underfunding is proven again to be the problem. The veto-powered monitor made the cuts as he faced the same problem that the "school board majority of white Ultra Orthodox Jewish men" faced before him: Rising mandated programs expenses which by law are required to be paid before voluntary programs. But due to a faulty funding formula the state underfunds the district. Hence, the cuts to the public school which has discretionary programs.
Bigots placed the blame of past cuts in Lakewood onto "the majority Orthodox Jewish school board" with the notion that the board members do not care for minority students in the public school sector.
The state, happily trying to avoid blame for letting a faulty formula stand, placed a veto-monitor over the school board. But this monitor, with the power to override the school board, did obviously not solve the problem. To the contrary. He now does exactly as the board did before he showed up. Namely, makes cuts to the public school. OJPAC


  1. what is this ojpac?

    1. I went to their website and signed up to become an asken. http://www.ojpac.org/asken-sign-up.html