Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Lakewood shuttle Purim rules

The Lakewood shuttle costs the taxpayers close to $200,000 a year. On its twitter page the company wrote there will be full service on Purim. No open bottles, riders appearing intoxicated will be denied service. Pls ride responsibly". Instead of encouraging people not to drive and have a way to get around by using the only mode of public transportation they will refuse to transport anyone who appears intoxicated. Interestingly NJ law permits open bottles on buses, trains, from NJ alcohol laws  "open bottles of alcohol may be transported in the trunk of a car, and consumption of alcohol on a bus, train, taxi, limousine, or boat is permitted".


  1. What about the underage rules did they change that? my 10 year old was waiting to take the bus home from his friends house and the driver refused to let him on leaving him on the street he was told he needs an adult. luckily the friends mother saw and drove him home. Kids younger than that ride the city bus in NYC.

  2. Why do you think they are wrong? Those who are not drunk don't want to be bother by those that are.

    1. It's not like these routes are full with passengers with a high ridership. So once a year when people can use the service, why not be more accommodating.

  3. I would think that davka on Purim it would be more in use than it normally is and it would be a very good idea to go by bus rather than drive drunk.

  4. I would not want a drunk kid riding and throwing upvon my bus.

  5. 1) just the opposite of NYC. in New York the bus is FREE on New Year so that if your drunk, you won’t be tempted to drive. Like, Hello?
    2) I see the shuttle all the time and it looks EMPTY. So if you’re running empty busses anyway, why not encourage safe driving on Purim?