Monday, March 14, 2016

DR. Rich Roberts details ‘disingenuous’ donor call to stop Trump

Jewish Insider Dr. Rich Roberts of Lakewood, NJ, wrote Sunday to JI's Jared Sichel about his dismay with Republicans' strategy to stop Donald Trump. Roberts, one of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's major donors until he dropped out in September, said he has since remained undecided, but has donated to the campaigns of Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and to the since-suspended campaigns of Chris Christie and Rand Paul. He told JI he was on the March 1st conference call (likely the one related to Our Principles PAC, originally reported by the New York Times), which included top Republican operatives and major donors. Excerpts from Roberts' email: 

"After that call, I sent an email to one of the billionaires telling him that I was surprised by the “disingenuous” discussion that I had heard. He forwarded my email to another billionaire who sent me an angry, biting reply. However, the reply that I received was also irrational and factually faulty and seemed to take offense to my use of the word “disingenuous”. (Maybe I am the only guy who will tell billionaires that they are wrong.) I sent a reply demonstrating the irrationality of the email that I had received and that seemed to end the discussion among billionaires."

"I was dismayed to hear that the themes of their intended ads were charges against Trump that he had already effectively publicly refuted. On the call one of the themes that they were planning to hit Trump with is that he is not really a successful businessman but he declared bankruptcy many times. In my email about the call, I cited this as being 'disingenuous' because Trump had already stated that out of 150 of his companies four had declared bankruptcy. The scathing email that I received in reply asked me to consider a statement such as “I went out with hundreds of girls and only raped four.” I replied that “…comparing bankruptcy to rape is not legitimate. One is legal and the other is a crime. One is financial and the other is a grotesque violation of a person."

"The reason why I am writing about this issue, two weeks after the initial call, is that it is clear that there is an anti-Trump smear-campaign that is being waged broadly across the media that has grown to a fevered pitch in an attempt to hit Trump with a tidal wave just before the critical votes on Tuesday, especially in Florida. Pundits keep claiming that Trump is destroying the Republican party but it is they who are destroying the Republican party by trying to deny the groundswell of grassroots voters their overwhelming choice."

"Whether the chorus of attacks on Trump are just a haphazard coinciding of forces from the Left, Republican establishment, and pundits who promote their self-importance by taking positions of extreme projections and hyperbole, or if there is a more sinister coordination by a core of self-interested Republican billionaires and establishment politicians, I do not know. But I am very sure that the tsunami of smears against Trump, at this moment, are disingenuous." 


  1. Why did the lkwd scoop call it a first report if it was pu.blished elsewhere

    1. TLS always does that