Thursday, March 10, 2016


BDE: Levaya of Baila Bracha a"h bas yblch"t R Chaim Dov (Dovy) Sorotzkin Tonight 11:15 lakewood bais oilem. May we only share bsuros tovos


  1. BDE

    Can anyone comfort me as i mourn the loss of another brother in Klal Yisroel?


    42 niftar R”L total since 2016 began R”L

    isn’t this shocking & tragic to bear?

    Every niftar is listed & shocking how they were niftar. so no one can deny the wake up call from Hashem for TESHUVA.

    theres noone to blame but ourselves

    May the neshama have an aliya

    may the family have a nechama

    may we all do teshuva ASAP

  2. Does teshuva start on a blogsite?

  3. IF MATZAV wants to post this also. below are the latest 11 niftar just in the past 3 weeks alone & their info.

    1)infant baby-of Rehovot Israel-died of Cardiac Arrest-February 17 2016-4 months

    2)Tuvia Yanai Weissman-Of Michmash Israel-stabbed & Murdered by a Palestinian terrorist in the Rami Levy Supermarket-February 18 2016-21

    3)child-of Hebron Hills community of Shima, Israel-Drowned in Pail-February 19 2016-1 year old

    4)Tzvi Yecheskel Ference-of Miami Beach Florida-Killed in Highway Accident-February 21 2016-26

    5)Shraga Tzvi Englander-of Israel-Parents found him not breathing in bed-February 21 2016-1 year old

    6)Girl-of Beitar Illit, Israel-went into Cardiac Arrest caused due to choking-February 22 2016-9 months

    7)Eliav Gelman -of Karmei Tzur. Israel-killed by accident by IDF Soldier aiming for arab-February 24 2016-23

    8)Infant-of Jerusalem Israel-did not awake next morning, caused by “crib death”-March 4 2016-few months old

    9)baby-of Giva’at Shaul Jerusalem, Israel-went into Cardiac Arrest & did not awake-March 6 2016-4 months old

    10)Amir Maymoni-of Zohar in Southern Israel-Killed during a Shin Bet Operation near Gaza-March 8 2016-29

    11)Leah Eisdorfer-wife of Dovid of Lakewood-Killed after losing control of her car while driving-March 9 2016-28

    LOOK AT THEIR AGES R”L every name written is all %100 true information

    May all their neshamos have an Aliya

    A yid who keeps an account of every neshama & Gadol Hador that leaves the world R"L

    if anyone wants to Receive a complete list of over 190 infants niftar in the last 3 years Alone & over 200 Gedolei Hador niftar in the last 3 years alone R"L straight to their email. feel free to email to (the movement Hashem needs & awaits from us daily before he sends Mashiach b’karov)