Thursday, March 31, 2016

Luring attempt investigated

 Report- 4th & Park in Lakewood. LCSW Shomrim & LPD on scene after a man  attempted to lure a child into his jeep. Authorities investigating 2nd incident reported in last few days. So far no official word from PD or Committeemen. 

Vivaser lanu besoiros Toivos

Noam Elimelech Yartzheit Tish

Satmar Rebbe makes a donation to Lakewood shul

The Satmar Rebbe Rav Aaron Teitelbaum sent a donation to Kehal Zichron Elozar Santov of Lakewood to the shul and Mikva. Below is a thank you letter from the Rav, Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Friedman.

HIgh of 70's today chance of flurries on Sunday

Pattern of unpredictable  weather continues. Warm day ahead with highs this afternoon reaching 70 degrees.  Sunday  Next week will be cold a mix of sun & clouds with a high in the 40's. There could be a few rain/snow showers Motzei Shabbos into Sunday. 

Safety cards distributed in Lakewood today

Petira of Rav Chaim Yosef Goldberg Zt"l from Yerushalayim

 Many in Lakewood knew him especially those who learned in Yeshivas Brisk by Rav Dovid Soleveitchik. Shiva will be held at the home of his brother Reb Efraim, 112 Rosebank, Lakewood, New Jersey.

One of the best-known baalei chessed in Yerushalayim, Rabbi Chaim Goldberg, z”l, was niftar Thursday morning in Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital. He was 67 at his petirah. The levayah left Thursday afternoon from the Brisk Yeshivah in Gush 80, Yerushalayim, to the Eretz Hachaim cemetery in Beit Shemesh, where he was buried. Many thousands attended the levayah in Yerushalayim.

Reb Chaim Yosef Halevi Goldberg, born in America in Kislev 5709/1948, learned in Eretz Yisrael, and after he married settled in Yerushalayim.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Simanim of a Kosher Fish

Rabbi Yochonon Perlowitz, pre-1A rebbi at Yeshivah Stolin Karlin in Lakewood, on Wednesday at Gourmet Glatt teaches his class the simanim of a kosher fish, a subject of this week’s parashah.  (Photo: Hamodia)

Kashrus update

Seeking volunteers to make suppers

Chai 4 ever is Seeking several volunteers to make suppers for a Lakewood family. They are trying to arrange it for now through Pesach. Please call/txt 2152191375

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Pedestrian safety campaign in Lakewood this Wed and Thursday

Officials in Lakewood, in an effort to reduce accidents between vehicles and pedestrians, have decided to participate in a two-day educational blitz this week led by the state Department of Transportation, followed by a months-long safety campaign.

The campaign, called Street Smart NJ, is a “collaborative effort among public, private and non-profit organizations,” an announcement of the program issued Monday said. Representatives from the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority will be at various intersections in Lakewood on Wednesday, March 30 and Thursday, March 31 to distribute flyers and information about the Street Smart NJ safety campaign.

Additionally, the Lakewood police department with be working with local organizations to educate motorists and pedestrians for several weeks afterwards.

Oif Simchas

Now open at GG plaza

Israeli Supermarket Chain to open in Lakewood

Osher Ad will open its doors in New York and New Jersey, providing ultra-Orthodox Jewish and other local customers with kosher products at low prices.
 Osher Ad will be the first Israeli supermarket chain to break into the US market, opening a number of branches in New York and New Jersey areas.

A Brooklyn branch is set to be located on a 5,700 square meter plot with 300 parking spots. “We have been surveying the area for a number of years in expectation of this opportunity,” said Aryeh Baum, one of the owners of Osher Ad. “Commercial properties that suit our concept in terms of size are very rare in this area, where one of the largest ultra-Orthodox Jewish communities in the world resides.”

A branch will also open in Lakewood, New Jersey, the city with the highest growing ultra-Orthodox Jewish population in the US, which currently stands at 60,000 or approximately half of the city. Moreover, a third branch will be opened in Munsie, a city in upstate New York, in which a large ultra-Orthodox Jewish community lives as well.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Moadim L' simcha ordering deadline extended to Tuesday

Updated: Pesach is right around the corner for those who order for Yom Tov with Moadim L' Simcha the deadline to place an  order is this Tuesday March 29.

Hachnosas Sefer Torah this afternoon at Khal Chasidim

Hachnusas Sefer Torah today. Siyum ksivas Osyas Bertram Family120 Adelaide place 1:30-3:30 Procession at 4:00 to Khal chasidim 1401 cedar row. Pekelach flags, torches for the kids.

Changes coming to NJ MVC inspections cars older than 1995 wont need inspection

# changes coming starting May 1, 2016
1. All re-inspections will be achieved during private investigation facilities. 
If a automobile fails investigation during a Motor Vehicle Commission station, a motorist contingency move them to a private trickery for repairs and reinspection.

2. Older vehicles don’t need to be inspected. 
This change has a organisation start date in place. Beginning May 1, any gasoline-powered newcomer vehicles with indication year from 1995 or comparison don’t need to be inspected.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Hachnosas Sefer Torah, today

Purim Video debating the speech

In what are you saying about all this ?( It's about the Schools from Lakewood , In about rabbi rechnitz , In I'm holding that rabbi rechnitz Is a very very good & special and wonderful sweet man )
Posted by Refoel Kenig on Friday, March 25, 2016

Lakewood Chaveirim thanks local residents who searched for missing man

A man with a medical condition went missing Friday night after he was in shul in the Area of Miller road and Carasaljo drive, a search was called. Posters were distributed in area shuls asking for information. He was B'H found late Friday night by Jackson PD near Wawa. Lakewood Chaveirim  thanked many local residents who spent the entire night searching along with  agencies that participated in the search. Special Thank You to Chaveirim, Hatzolah, Lakewood PD , Jackson PD, NJSP, OceanCounty911 ,LCSW, Bikur Cholim, who spent the whole night searching.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Atzeres Tefillah for Rav Meir Soleveichick This Motzei shabbos in Bais Faiga hall

Atzeres Tefilla  on behalf of for Rav Meir Soleveitchick shlita who is in need of Rachmei Shomayim and a refuah shleima,  will take place this Motzei Shabbos parshas Tzav in Lakewood at Bais Faiga hall beginning at 10:00 pm. In attendance will be Roshei Yeshiva Roshe Kollel among them Harav Malkiel Kotler shlita, Rav Elya Chaim Swedloff Shlita, Rav Shlomo Feivel Schustal Shlita.

Shushan Purim

A tired crowd comes to daven at Satmar while Kimcha Depischa campaigns begin 30 days before Pesach.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Trump to build wall around Lakewood

Donald trump took some down time from his busy schedule to check up on his family particular his Frum dauther and son in law. Since his son in law has connections with Lakewood and are donors to the yeshiva the Donald takes an interest in the comings and goings in that town down the Jersey shore. An aid delivered interesting articles about Lakewood for him to catch up on. A speech by a fellow philanthropist caught his attention and he took the time to listen to the entire speech. Mr. Trump was not happy at all after reading the responses from other billionaires in Lakewood he felt it was his turn to chime in as well.

Purim Zmanin Megillah readings and Mesibos

 Scroll down for all shuls
BMG 10:45 first night in Bais Aron 10th & Madison
second night in Beren building music 9-12 pm
Shachris Purim day in Yeshiva Vasikin in BInyan Herzka and in Bais Shmuel uostairs at 6:20 am (Netz 6:53)
 7:00 in Forest Bm 7:15 Bais Shmuel , 8:00 Bais Shalom, 8:25 Yoshon, 8:45 Klein Gestetner. All Megilah leining start 50 minutes after Shachris. Ladies megilah leinig 7:oo am Ateres Ester in Herzka buiilding and 9:25 Bais shmuel,11:00 am Ezras nashim of Yoshon Bendheim

Purim at Lutzk BM (lkwd New egypt  outside Westgate)
mesibah with shimmy engel and mezmarim 10:00 till whenever
Purim day Shacharis 8:30 Megillah 9:15 Mincha 1:35
 Second night Mesibah/Kumzits with issac honig and mezamrim  8:00

Lakewood News briefs Purim 5776

Lakewood News briefs Purim 5776 Submitted by Anony mouse

Sfashkenaz now the nusach in Many Lakewood  shuls

Due toi an influx and infiltration or invasion of Boro parkers moving into Lakewood developments the new residents are demanding the nusach be changed from Ashkenaz to Sefard. Rabbonim across Lakewood are dealing with this and after meeting with local poskim have decided to daven Sfashkenaz.

Mishloach Manos tracking in Lakewood

Copying the successful campaign of "where is George? in tracking dollar bills the same idea has now been implemented in Lakewood for Mishloach manos. Lazy or cheap people tend to recycle others shalach manos and pass it on. The original senders are upset about this and this year  someone decided to put an end to this practice. Gps trackers were descreetly placed in the shalach manos package enabling the first sender to track its progress across Lakewood in real time. If anyone receives their original one back from someone else they will win a shopping spree  at toys for thought.

Askan Semicha program

Veteran and seasoned askanim were not happy with the title "askan" used cheaply by anyone whose photo is in the paper. "You dont become an askan overnight" said a veteran noted askan. You must be in thousands of pictures and centerfolds to achieve askan status. To protect the brand no one is allowed to be called askan without prior certification and semicha from certified askanim

Chaveirim lcsw members take on more of a parental role 

After issuing many safety alerts and messages to the community that no one would have thought on their own residents tok note of the advice realizing its something to treasure.
Lakewood residents feel these members can also help them at home with kid raising chores. Dedspite the  limit of one per household there are many many members available for all other issues. The new slogan reads "Friends you cant count.

Anonymous Rav now named

A long time mystery was finally solved. Many were curious to knowwho is this anonymous Rav who dishes out heterim or issurim at will? How can he be so popular yet not known. Well finally his email acct was hacked by 2 local yeshiva bochurim at the Library who were suspended for 2 days for missing the Magen Avrohom zman of krias shema. He signed his name Gadol Harotze Beilum shem his pen name is Lama zeh Tishal Lishmi.

New Ani Maamins found in Geniza

A local Otzar was shocked to discover 5 new Ani Maamins added to the famous yud gimmel Ikrim of the Rambam. Excited for their new find it was decided to read them out publicly. A event was organized and streamed live to all media outlets where thousands of lakewood Talmidei Chachomim were in attendance. The honor to read the new found ani maamins was given to the highest bidder. A wealthy philanthropist took to the podium to read them out loud but somehow other words came out of his mouth which angered many in the attendance. He apologized for the gaffe it turns out someone hacked the teleprompter he was reading it from.

Lakewood Vaad gets young blood

After loosing the Fire elections The Vaad Has decided they are out of touch and the has come to bring fresh young blood that will represent the Kehilla.A delegation was sent to Dr shaniks office and vaad  members chose  the first ten kids they saw putting a penny in the spinning pushka." It shows they care about others they give instead of taking" said a Vaad spokesperson on condition of remaining anonymous. At the next official meeting  Soda was replaced by Baby formula an Gerber jars instead of sushi. The screaming and crying remained the same.

Peaceful solution in court dispute

An argument over a basketball court finally came to a peaceful solution after some intervention and negotiations by community members. A newly built development had a proposed site for a basketball court so the kids can play. Other residents were adamantly opposed to having  a basketball court in their heilige shechunah. Both sides presented their case to a outside Rav who had no negius to either side and Like king solomon he offered a simple solution dont put up the baskets but call it a basketball court.

Valet APP service now coming to Town

 With the L shuttle bursting at the seams and scarce parking in the downtown a new Kosher  APP was launched were a bochur from the many mesivtas in town will gladly take your car from you while you shop. This service is available during bein hasdorim and other convenient times. Also instead of hitch hiking the bochurim wuill now drive you in your own car to their destination so you wont be going out of your way.

Lakewood media all bought out by national media giant

Recently Publications and news outlets in Lakewood have all been publishing the same news articles leaving readers scratching their heads. In addition other important news stories and events have not been covered at all. Some politicians, askanim are getting much more coverage airtime and pohotoops than others. Some even managed to have negative articles about them pulled. after further investigation it was revealed a national parent company has bought off all of Lakewood's media leaving residents in the dark forcing them to the treifineh veb.

New supermarket coming to town.

Happy Purim

Its never fun getting stuck with gas

A yeshiva where everyone is accepted no rejection letters sent

Once a year people can feel good knowing their kids are accepted to a yeshiva without the worries and shame of rejection. Even Rechnitz would support it. A Yeshiva where anyone can come and learn anytime of the day no questions asked. No one looks at the hat you wear or if you wear one no one looks at the color of your shirt. As a matter of fact you can wear the most colorful shirt in the world without a trace of white at all and still be accepted. There is no shortage of space at all you can choose any of their many satellite locations. No other parents will call the menahel not to take your child in. Tznius issues are overlooked. "Its a feeling I cant describe" said a proud father whose fridge is covered with rejection letters he received over the years from Kindergarden through high school. Yeshivas Mordechai Hatzadik is one of a kind and at least one day a year in Lakewood all are accepted. The real Simcha of Purim.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Haman Garbage update

Township offices will be closed in observance of Good Friday on Friday, March 25, 2016. Trash and Recycling will be picked up on Wednesday, March 23, 2016 for Thursday's regular scheduled pick up. Friday's trash and recycling will be picked up on Thursday, March 24, 2016. No bulk collection this week.

OJPAC: State underfunding is the problem

 The veto-powered monitor over the school board in Lakewood, NJ, has made cuts to the public school as state underfunding is proven again to be the problem. The veto-powered monitor made the cuts as he faced the same problem that the "school board majority of white Ultra Orthodox Jewish men" faced before him: Rising mandated programs expenses which by law are required to be paid before voluntary programs. But due to a faulty funding formula the state underfunds the district. Hence, the cuts to the public school which has discretionary programs.
Bigots placed the blame of past cuts in Lakewood onto "the majority Orthodox Jewish school board" with the notion that the board members do not care for minority students in the public school sector.

Videos photos Simchas Purim in Lakewood

kinderlach wearing costumes in schools and having their pre Purim mesibas 
At a  Local Yeshiva

Reb Hillel bringing Simcha and Joy

Monday, March 21, 2016

New location for BMG Purim Mesiba

The Purim Mesiba at yeshiva will take place The first night at  the Bais Aron Bais Medrash on 10th street. The Mesiba will begin at 10:45 b'hishtatfus The Roshei Hayeshiva shlita  and the Mashgiach shlita.  Zemiros by Mish pacha Brodt.

Lakewood BOE special meeting Monday, 21

Lakewood Board of Education will conduct a Special Meeting, on Monday, March 21, 2016 at 8:00 p.m. in the Lakewood High School Auditorium, located at 855 Somerset Avenue, Lakewood, New Jersey 08701. On the agenda is lease purchase of school buses, the lease for Piner elementary school which cost the taxpayers close to 3 million dollars for custodial services alone on top of the half a million dollars for the lease,
The purpose of this meeting is to approve:
Revision of the 2016-2017 School Calendar
Second Reading and Adoption of Board Policy 5111 Eligibility of Resident/Non-Resident Pupils
Lease with St. Mary of the Lake for the Piner Elementary School
Request for Proposals for General Counsel and Special Counsel

Kvias Mezuza at the new Lucky Truck rental in Lakewood

Updated: Shivah info for R' Meir Korbman Z'L

Shiva at 5 Goldcrest in Pine River village, Lakewood NJ shachris 7:45 am Mincha 1:45 pm Maariv 8:45 pm. Getting up Thursday morning/ Purim.

Sunday, March 20, 2016


At A Bar Mitzva in Lakewood last night

Weather alert

The National Weather Service has issued a WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY for COASTAL OCEAN, EASTERN MONMOUTH, OCEAN and WESTERN MONMOUTH county, effective through MON at 6:00 AM. Snow expected between 3-4 inches

Hachnosas Sefer Torah at BM Ner Yisrael

 Ksivas Haoisiyos from 3:30 - 5:30 at 7 Devash Court The Procession will leave at 6:00 pm to the Bais Medrash Ner Yisrael at 733 Ridge Avenue. Seuads mitzva will begin at 8:00 pm

Yeshiva of South Fallsburg Lakewood parlor meeting

A Parlor meeting will take place this evening  March 20th for Yeshiva Gedolah Zichron Moshe of South Fallsburg. The annual reception will take place at 11 Tori Drive (off Hope chapel Rd) at 7:30 pm starting with a kabalas kahal followed by Maariv at 8:30. The program will begin after Maariv with divrei Bracha from the Rosh Yeshiva Harav Elya Ber Wachtfogel shlita.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Free Ices at Ritas this Sunday

Sunday is the first day of spring and with that comes an annual tradition - free water ice! In a "Freebie Sunday," Rita's is offering every guest a free Italian ice on March 20th to celebrate spring's arrival.

Pedestrian struck

Pedestrian struck this evening East County Line and Princeton Ave, Hatzolah on scene  Pedestrian Traumatic Arrest was pronounced DOA. Chevra kadisha services not needed.

Melava Malka Motzei Shabbos Vayikra

Melava Malka B'M Heichal Boruch Tzvi D' Selish 9:30 115 Carey street

B'M Stolin Karlin Melava Malka 153 East 7th 9:15 Zemiros 9:30 Melava Malka

Hatzolah parlor meeting this Motzei Shabbos in the home of R' Duvi Holtz 128 St. Nicholas Ave. 9:30 pm.

Pine River Kinus Hisoirerus 9:45 at the PR shul

Friday, March 18, 2016

שבת פרשת ויקרא פרשת זכור ליקוואוד

Erev Shabbos Parshas Vayikrah
Parshas Zachor
Candle Lighting 6:49
Shkia 7:07
Motzei shabbos 8:08 pm (60)
Have a great Shabbos!!!

Getting past the Iran deal

Pols who voted for the Iran deal are courted by askanim.
Rep Hakeem Jeffries in Lakewood

New Sefer Meged Yerachim on Purim from the Rosh Yeshiva Rav Yerucham Olshin shlita


Parshas Zachor kriah L' Nashim

Whispering pines ashkenaz: Parshas Zachor L'Nashim 1:25 & 2:00

Ohr yechezkel: Parshas zachor for women at 12:30

BM Albert: Parshas Zachor for the women will be at 11:10am and 4:45pm.

Tiferes shmuel:  Zachor- 11:15. 

Ner Dovid: Parshas Zachor laining for women  1:15 pm

Hearthstone: 11:25

Stamford meadows: 6:25

Ohr Gedalya Chestnut: 11:40

Coventry: 11:15

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Oif Simchas

Masa U'matan list

The Rental List is a very popular feature in Masa U'Matan Click HERE for the current list.

Have Haman lead you around on a horse this Purim

Gourmet Glatt and Hatzolah of Lakewood present: Ride for Life- the amazing opportunity to have Haman lead you around on a horse this Purim! Now how cool is that?! Enter now to win!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Hesped for Chazzan Antman Z"L

Hespedim for Chazzan R' Avraham Shlomo Antman Z"L will take place Tuesday evening March 15th following the 7:50 Maariv at the Alumni Bais Medrash on 9th Street between Madison and Clifton. Event is for both men and women.

LPD update

On March 15th at approximately 9pm, Officers responded to an Eisnehower Street home after receiving a report of man shot during a home invasion.
Responding officers located the resident, a 32 year old male, with an apparent wound to his head. While being treated on scene by Emergency Medical Personnel, Officers were advised that three men had entered the home. After demanding an undisclosed amount of money, witnesses reported hearing a gunshot prior the suspects fleeing the home on foot.

Yeshivas "Rabeinu Yosef Shalom" to open in Lakewood

Monday, March 14, 2016

Police investigate shooting

Lakewood Police and the Ocean County Prosecutor's Office are investigating after a shooting at an Eisenhower Street home Monday night, a department spokeswoman said. The shooting occurred around 9 p.m., when at least three males entered the home in the 1300 block, Sgt. Summer Cunliffe said. One man inside the home was shot before the three fled. The victim was later taken to Jersey Shore University Medical Center. His condition was not immediately available.

Getting into the Purim spirit

Purim display at GG

Matanos L'evyonim

                                                                                     DONATE HERE
  it's almost Purim! Hopefully you have splendid plans for merriment and feasting. Let us add one more significant detail to your Purim preparation, and show you how to maximize it. Surely you are going to be giving Matanos L'Evyonim. This year you can give it in a way that is 100% helping a very poor family in need, while at the same time also fulfiling the Mitzvah of Bikur Cholim - seeing to the needs of the sick! THAT'S 2 HUGE MITZVOS FOR THE PRICE OF 1!

Overcast weather thru Thursday

 Today Cloudy with periods of light rain. Winds will be E 10-20 MPH G30. The temperature will be 45 degrees. NIGHT RAIN DRIZZLE FOG OVERNIGHT
Periods of rain, drizzle and fog. Winds will be NE 15-25 MPH. The temperature will be 42 degrees.

Lakewood heimishe for Trump

 According to many Hasidic voters and political commentators, Trump has sparked an undeniable interest in parts of this culturally isolated world. "Among my circle of friends, at least 90 percent [support] Trump," said Yanky Lichtman, a Trump supporter who lives in Lakewood, New Jersey, one of the biggest Orthodox Jewish communities in the New York area. Chaim Schlaff was born and raised in a Hasidic Jewish community in London. He now lives in an ultra-Orthodox neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York, and describes himself as a "proud legal immigrant." He is also an enthusiastic Donald Trump supporter. 
Schlaff says he "loves" the way Trump speaks and so do most of his friends: "He talks about everything we think." Schlaff is not the only member of the Hasidic community in the greater New York City area that feels this way about Trump. According to many Hasidic voters and political commentators, Trump has sparked an undeniable interest in parts of this culturally isolated world.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

7 injured in Lakewood crash

Lakewood, NJ – Four cars collided today on Route 9, injuring seven people, after a vehicle pulled into heavy traffic from a parking lot, police said, THE ASBURY PARK PRESS REPORTS. A car pulled into the outer northbound lane of Route 9 near the Howell border at 4:50 p.m. and triggered a chain of events that spread across the four-lane highway, said Lakewood Police Sgt. Leroy Marshall. Seven people — three adults and four children — were injured as a result, but none of their injuries were considered life-threatening. All seven were taken to local hospitals by Lakewood EMS and Lakewood Hatzolah, the Press reports. (

Tonight: a Chinuch symposium

Nesivos of Lakewood invites the community to a  Chinuch symposium Tonight March 13th at Ateres Riva hall about practical solutions for today's pressing Chinuch issues. Rav Elya Brudny and Rav Yakov Bender will address the crowd. With opening remarks from Dr. Chuna Chaim Lebowitz. Programs begins at 9:30 pm.

Mincha Minyanim

Bais Medrash Albert ‏Mincha this week 6:40  Sunday 1:45
Bais Mordechai : Mincha 6:30 (in pulish) and 7:15.
Somerset walk BM   Mincha- 1:40 / 4:00 / 6:45  
Kol Arye Mincha 1:30,5:30, 7:00, 7:30
Roberts shul  Mincha 1:40,5:30,7:00

Lakewood RY celebrates opening of Kolell in Chesterfield, MO

On March 13 there will be a Chesterfield Kollel Inaugural Celebration Dinner to be held at Stages Theater in Chesterfield. Recently, Congregation Tpheris Israel Chevra Kadisha (TICK) announced the inauguration of a new full-time Torah study Kollel, located on the synagogue’s premises on Ladue Road. The inaugural celebration event will have HaRav Malkiel Kotler, Shlita, Rosh Yeshiva of Beis Medrash Govoah of Lakewood Yeshiva attending the celebration, as well as other esteemed rabbinical leaders from across the country. Photos below

Shiva info

Mishpachas Friedman -R' Shloimy sitting shiva for his mother a"h at 130 10th Street Shacharis 8:00 Mincha 2:00 Maariv 8:30 Getting up Friday afternoon
 Mishpachas Sorotzkin Shivah: 12 Sequoia Street in Pine River Shacharis 7:30 Mincha 6:30 Maariv 8:45 Getting up Thursday Morning.

Holy Schnitzel Replacing The Kosher Taco

The Kosher Taco has closed its doors for the last time a few weeks back. This Mexican restaurant served Lakewood residents with delicious tacos, burgers, and meat sandwiches. They were known for being a hot spot for late night diners. On the bright side, Holy Schnitzel will be opening in its stead. Holy Schnitzel has various locations in the New York area including Brooklyn, 5 Towns, and Staten Island. They will replace Kosher Taco as a new alternative for a kosher meat restaurant in town. No official opening date yet.

Know your rights when in need of a tow

From the forums @ Dansdeals
 I got a flat tire was in Lakewood on Cedarbridge avenue opposite Seasons a little further down closer to Avenue of the states. Was waiting for AAA to come and tow me the police came while  I was waiting and said they are calling a tow truck and I was charged a $150 they didn't let me wait for AAA they said it is not in a safe place. If you are in a safe place not blocking any traffic you have the right to call your own tower. 

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Melava Malka parshas Pikudei

Yeshiva Kol Torah annual Dinner Neeimas Hachaim hall.

Yeshiva of Staten Island Alumni Melava Malka at KZY 175 sunset.

Cooking demo at Gourmet Glatt.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Enjoying the weather

Taking advantage of the early spring weather residents flocked to Rita's for some cool ices. To celebrate the first day of Spring, Rita’s will be offering all customers a free cup of Italian Ice in the flavor of their choice from 12 to 9 p.m. on March 20, 2016.

Stuchin Rebbe spending Shabbos in Lakewood

Rav Mottel Zilber will spend this shabbos in Lakewood at his shul  BM Toldos Yehuda Stutchin on Courtney road. The seudos shabbos will take place in Bais Faiga hall.

Purim store at GG

Lakewood volunteers prepare Purim packages

Baby rescuer recounts TOMS RIVER - William Copes did not plan on being a hero that day he saw  a horrifying scene of death and twisted wreckage, but William Copes didn't hesitate when he heard a baby's cries from the rear of the smoking minivan reports “Oh, no,” he remembers saying to the handful of people who had raced with him to the site of the Wednesday morning crash on New Hampshire Avenue. "There’s a baby back there.” Copes didn't plan to be a hero that day "smoke poured from the battered vehicle's engine" But all Copes could think about was the baby. Fearful the minivan could explode, Copes quickly wedged his slight frame through a narrow opening on the Odyssey’s passenger side, cutting his forearm and bruising his ribs in the process. Squeezing through to the minivan's third row seats,

Daylight savings time this Motzei Shabbos

It's almost time to "spring" forward. The good news is, of course, more light in the evening. The bad news is the loss of an hour of sleep Saturday night/Sunday morning. Daylight Saving Time begins this Sunday, March 13 in the wee hours of the morning at 2 a.m. local time, when clocks move ahead an hour from standard time of the winter months. Schools start at 10:00 am new time.

Thursday, March 10, 2016


BDE: Levaya of Baila Bracha a"h bas yblch"t R Chaim Dov (Dovy) Sorotzkin Tonight 11:15 lakewood bais oilem. May we only share bsuros tovos

Mesivta Torah V’emunah rosh chodesh seuda

MTV Yeshiva from Queens Rosh Chodesh Adar Seuda in Tenka BM Lakewood

Shiva info

For R' Avraham Chazan Antman  Z'L  at 144-22 68tth Avenue Main St & 147th St in Queens until Tuesday morning  sitting shiva ,Mrs. Chana Haller, Mrs Rivka Sheff ,  Daughters
Mrs. Leah Eisdorfer a”h at 1187 North Maple Avenue, one house of off Vermont Avenue, in Toms River, NJ. Shacharis is at 8 a.m., Minchah is ten minutes before shkiah, and Maariv is at 10 p.m. The family will be sitting shivah until Wednesday morning, March 16.

RY in EY

Hamodia- A community shaken

Photos of Levaya HERE LAKEWOOD - The community of Lakewood was shaken and deeply saddened by the news of a tragic car accident that claimed the life of Mrs. Leah Eisdorfer, a”h, 28. One of her young children was also in the car at the time of the accident and b’chasdei Hashem, escaped with very minor injuries.

“It’s a very sad and shocking incident for the whole community for a young woman to pass away leaving a young family behind,” Lakewood Committeeman Meir Lichtenstein told Hamodia. “I told one of the Roshei Yeshivah what happened and he was shaking from it. They are very well known and respected members of the Kehillah.”

Mrs. Eisdorfer, nee Bergman, was originally from Boro Park. She and her husband, ybl”c, Reb Dovid, had resided in Lakewood for some time, but in recent weeks had moved to the neighboring community of Toms River. The family has three young children.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Marbin B'Simcha

Siyum for Sassoon kids Z'L

Today marks 12 months since a fire killed 7 children of the Sassoon family from NY a'h. A group of  Lakewood kollel members will be making a siyum mishnayos liluy nishmas the 7 kedoshim, next month on the Yartzheit erev Rosh chodesh Nisan.  

Dead trees in Ocean County Park in Lakewood, are being removed.

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Dead trees in Ocean County Park in Lakewood, victims of the Southern Pine Beetle, are being removed. 
The beetle is small, only about the size of a grain of rice, but it enters the tree through crevices in the bark and then creates S-shaped tunnels just beneath the bark. This disrupts the flow of nutrients, killing the tree in typically 2-4 months. Most trees resist the initial attacks by secreting

Fatal accident in Toms River

photo: TRPD
 Levaya in Lakewood tonight 9:30 pm  at the chapel on 7th street Kevurah in Monsey Bais olam rt 306 .
A Serious MVA right outside Lakewood on New Hampshire Avenue claimed the  life of Mrs. Leah Eisdorfer A'H nee (Bergman) a 28 year old Toms River mother of 3 R' L. Wife of R' Dovid Eisdorfer (B'r Yitzchok,of Montreal), Father is R' Meir Bergman. reports it happened in the  North Dover section of the township. A Baby who was in the car is in stable condition expected to make a full recovery. The family recently moved from Lakewood to Toms River. Levaya in Lakewood tonight 9:30 pm chapel on 7th street Kevurah in Monsey bais Olam.
 Besuros Tovos.

Yom Kippur Katan minyanim

Lev Avos 1:20
Somerset Walk 1:20
Hearthstone 1:40
Westgate shul 1:15
Kol shimshon  1:45
Kelmwoods Bm Westgate 2:45
Satmar 1:30, 2:30, 3:30, 4:30

Bnos Bracha Dinner tonight

Bnos Brocha 12th Annual Dinner Building Completion Celebration TONIGHT, March 9, 2016 Bnos Brocha Simcha Hall 1665 Corporate Road West, Lakewood, Watch Trump promo.

Are we done with the snow?

 It has snowed last year on Purim and the previous year on Erev Pesach. 
Record-breaking temperatures are expected in New Jersey today. The current record for March 9 is 74 degrees in 2000. Today is expected to be in the upper 70s.

Masa U'matan rental list

The Rental List is a very popular feature in Masa U'Matan Click HERE for the current list.