Sunday, February 7, 2016

The super ads

Some of the Lakewood  newspapers have published advertisements of specials catering for Superbowl parties this Sunday. Its not the first time, as these ads were already running previous years. Some stores were meramez while others are more open and blunt about it. A sign of the changing times. 


  1. It's very sad how the standards in the Frum world keep getting lower and lower.

  2. Ee have to make sure tgat our schools are not elite. Integration of all types is healthy. Nothing wrong if ypur on comes home from yeshiva asking why Tati didnt make a super bowl party like his friends Tati.

  3. מצלמת ניוטון הפנתרים להביס ברונקוס כי hasem עומד לצידם.

  4. For some reason, sports are really Shtark in the Yeshivishe Velt.

  5. Tishvei West Gate can openly spit in all the rabbanims faces but a local kosher fastfood joint cant advertise for some sunday sport food menue.
    Now u wonder why there are so many otd's in lakewood. They see the hypocricy right through us .

  6. I would like to welcome you-sadly-to the new generation of today, where we are living in a state of instant-gratification & a state of self-centeredness etc… where everything is ME ME & ONLY ME & my ways

    in todays dor theres nothing wrong with anything....-i mean what wrong with internet, movies, sports etc....-everyone thinks their way of life is the correct way & everyone else is wrong the torah people are too serious & the frei are to non-frum but ME ME my way is perfect (even with internet & sports etc...)

    We have a major problem in today’s generation it’s called FACING REALITY. we are living in DENIAL What happens today when tragedy strikes C”V? we block it from our faces and say “what does Hashem want from me? ” I have nothing to do with this tragedy that occurred to us C”V

    But the truth is that we really do get the wake up call from Hashem to do teshuva we just can’t admit it to ourselves. So we leave Hashem no choice but to keep on sending us wake up calls.

  7. What team is 323 going for?

  8. As someone who usually war he's the superbowl let me just say, I am very disturbed by these ads. Anone that's honest with themselves will tell you that spending four hours watching a football game is not the ideal way of spending the evening. Those of us who have a really strong desire for this will often watch it anyway. But what is the need to advertise our failings? Would am ad just advertising a sale on wings and whatever not be sufficient? Why rub it in everyone's face?

  9. What a Bizoyen! Shame on the Lakewood Voice and Lakewood Shopper for printing Super Bowl Sunday ads in Lakewood Papers! Not Normel every second page has advertisements for this Freserays! The Blame is on them for letting these ads in they're "Torah Publications!

    1. The scoop also posted the score of the game on its Facebook page

  10. Anonymous 3:16. You know why hashem brings tragedies? You know what's right and wrong? Look in the mirror and worry about the person you're looking at.

  11. Don't forget! All leftovers from all Superbowl Partys should be eaten by all the Rosh Choidesh Adar Alef Mesibes!

  12. Anonymous 7:31 & everyone

    Anyone ready yet to confess and admit to Hashem that it’s time for TESHUVA as we go from tragic to horrific tzaros in klal yisroel?

    Anyone even think klal yisroel coulod have ever reached such a low level? do you think this just happened by coincidence? Is there such a thing as coincidence? every tragedy & situation has a wake-up call message straight from Hashem of why it occurred (most are for teshuva others are for achdus & a stop of sinas chinam in klal yisroel today R"L)

    a doctor cannot help his patient if the patient will not listen to him & take the medicine prescribed for him. Neither can a parent help their child stay frum/healthy if the child won’t listen

    Hashem can't help us be saved-as the situation only worsens R”L-if we are not willing to listen to him & return to Hashem with pure teshuva as a nation together as one. (on all levels rather frum or reform or Zionist etc…)

    Let Hashem know when YOU are ready to return to him with YOUR brothers-myself included-& then we will all be removed from “a time of non-stop horrific tzaros”

    May we all wake up very soon & do teshuva ASAP

  13. This issue really sheds a light on what wrong with Lakewood.

    When I was growing up in Brooklyn, a brick house was a brick house, a stucco house was a stucco house and a vinyl house is a vinyl house.
    In have a new mishegoss where a vinyl house can have a brick or stucco front.
    Chitzonios veizt oif pnimiyos.
    Lakewood is a schizophrenic town. Reality vs fantasy.
    In Brooklyn you were what you were. Inside and out. You watched the Super Bowl....and talked about it.
    Here Super Bowl ads with hidden messages...wink wink. Follow sports but experience self loathing. Kids pick up on hypocrisy and there's a reason why Lakewood has such a high rate of it.
    As long as my facade is brick it's all good.
    Sheker ein lah raglayim.

  14. Dikduk. Ein loi not en lah