Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Supper from GG

The only thing you need to prepare for dinner tonight is the oven. With this stuffed and seasoned turkey, dinner time could not be easier. Your family will wonder how you had time to make such a gourmet dish...Shhh- we won't tell if you don't


  1. You obviously work at GG

  2. One that is makpid on kashrus may have an issue with the GG meat Dept.
    They have different brands with various hashgochas, \but it's all processed with the same equipment, knives, table, keilim etc all kashrus contaminated with a brand that you may not use.

    Evergreen and KRM has everything all seperate.

    The main criteria is Rabbi Yosef Eisen says it's good enough for them.
    KCL we all know is a non-entity for kashrus.
    Tartikuv refused to certify the meat department. They may also feel uncomfortable.
    It's actually consumer fraud, for want of a better description.

  3. Yudel,
    What world do you live in?
    If everybody goes there, then it's fine.

  4. Why would you need different keleim to cut meat? 1 They are all cold 2- If someone doesn't eat from another hechsher makes it that it is treif??!! It is still kosher so it seems it is a chumrah to use different keilim for different hechserim.. GG rocks and have wonderful departments.