Monday, February 29, 2016

LIC minutes- Blue claws make payment

LIC public meeting packet , minutes of Jan 13 meeting missing from Township website

 Land Lease Payment - A T & T Cell Tower $ 529.00 1/12/2016
 BlueClaws Lease Payment for 1/1/16 $ 43,750.00 1/12/2016
 Approved Bill List of 1/13/16 $ (8,758.97) 1/13/2016

Bank interest earned through 1/31/16 $ 444.94 1/31/2016
Land Lease Payment - A T & T Cell Tower $ 529.00 2/3/2016


  1. Why does Blue Claws pay the LIC? Does that money go to the township coffers? How does it help us with new revenue or ratables if it stays by the LIC.

  2. Its not the first time the LIC did not publish minutes, sometimes its hidden elsewhere on the website were you cant find it. Why is there no transparency what are they hiding??

  3. Look how much tax money the LIC spends on marketing and website maintenance but cant get their act together to post information they are legally required to.

  4. Where exactly in the law is there a requirement for any agency to post anything online. Public used to mean that you have a right to see it. It doesnt mean it has to be posted online.

  5. My guess someone doesn't want the closed session minutes to be read.

  6. just curious - do we get paid for the Bathgate billboard ads flashing?