Thursday, February 4, 2016

Legislation expands the ability for nonpublic schools to open state approved child care centers.

New Jersey - - - Agudath Israel commends New Jersey State Assemblyman Sean Kean for introducing legislation that expands the ability for nonpublic schools to open state approved child care centers. 

Under New Jersey's current law, a child care center that is part of a public or nonpublic school is exempt from licensing requirements. Exemptions are granted for many types of entities including bowling alleys, however, a nonpublic school is exempt only if it contains all of grades kindergarten through 6. This prevents new schools or schools with only lower grades from opening a child care center. If approved, Bill A-370, will remove this restriction, allowing nonpublic schools with any grade level to open state approved centers.
The bill also brings legal parity, assuring that public and nonpublic schools have the same conditions for child care approval. 

These state-approved child care centers provide subsidies for low-income families, and having more of them leads to more choices, and ultimately, to more financial help for New Jersey families. "With the high cost of child care," said Rabbi Avi Schnall, Agudath Israel's New Jersey Director, "every little bit counts. If it passes, Assemblyman Kean's bill will make a tremendous difference to many low-income families in New Jersey. 


  1. Good morning, is ANYBODY awake in Lakewood or has all that Kool aid taken hold of our souls???? The average tax increase of most towns in NJ has been about 2%. But lo and behold, Lakewood wins the award for one of the HIGHEST tax increase in the entire state for the year 2015, just under 7%. Three, count it 3 times the average of other towns. Folks ,our town has been HI-Jacked by power and greed where it can no longer sustain itself.

  2. It's really quite simple, MORE homes = much higher taxes as our main ratable , the Industrial Park, is turning into a TAX Free school zone. I'm sure many existing tenants are rethinking their leases as their many trucks etc. sit in Traffic jams inside the industrial park with tons of holy children walking their streets with no sidewalks....

  3. All of these programs child care, security grants are used mostly to benefit the school owners not the general public.

  4. Right . Security grants so schools can put in security cameras ,or better locks on their doors so your children can be a little safer are not really for your benefit . Why dont you just send your kids to public school . Im sure there everything is kulo leshem shomayim and you wont have to have such a sinah to mosdos Hatorah .