Thursday, February 25, 2016

Go back to...

A community meeting in Point Breeze turned ugly Monday evening when attendees began hurling what some witnesses perceived to be racist or anti-Semitic epithets to oppose Jewish developers. Real estate developers told to 'go back to Israel' and 'go to Lakewood' by angry members of a local community group in South Philadelphia Monday night.
 One attendee, who asked not to be identified, said he heard someone shout, "Go back to Lakewood," a town in New Jersey with a large concentration of Orthodox Jews. Some of the presenters were Jewish. At least one was wearing a yarmulke, a brimless cap worn by some Jews. "I've experienced plenty of anti-Semitism in that neighborhood, but last night was by far the most vitriolic I've ever seen," Feibush said. "It wasn't one person. It was not even remotely veiled. It was completely and utterly focused on those that were presenting. It was abhorrent." Read more at  or 


  1. Where were the presenting developers from? The one guy Ori is from Philly, not our Lakewood.

  2. Just remember.* You reap what you sow*