Thursday, February 4, 2016

BOE - Courtesy busing to end on Feb 26th

The Lakewood Board of Ed has sent letters to all students in Lakewood informing parents that courtesy busing will end on February 26th, 2016. Lots can happen from now to then but the township is preparing for the pedestrian and car traffic that would result if in fact nothing is worked out. 


  1. Anyone know how they are calculating the distance?

    1. They hired illegals to walk to each house with tape measures

  2. Our taxes increased 3 times the state average, close to 7% as compared to 2% in most towns in NJ and yet our services, snow plowing,bussing... and QUALITY of LIFE keeps shrinking.Traffic through our ever narrowing streets is getting worse and MORE dangerous (for our children). The patience of drivers is wearing very thin as more horns are blaring in their maddening rush to get NOWHERE. Very stressfull