Sunday, February 14, 2016

At Camp Schi event


  1. How is camp schi different then schi. I know a chils who was not accepted to this camp and he lives in Lakewood is it open to anyone?

  2. There are children from other towns too who go to the camp I dont think its exclusively for lakewood kids or current SCHI students. SCHI is funded by the taxes their budget is covered by the BOE and other grants. The camp is not.

  3. Why are you posting this?
    Hope its a paid ad- not that your buying in..
    They used to 'collect' for their school (their private business) maybe people got smarter hearing about their $120,000 tuitions paid by our taxes.
    Now say camp..
    The summer program is referred as ESY extended school year by educaation law and also paid for by our boe..........

  4. They cant shnorr for regular schi since its all paid for by tax dollars, by making a camp it is a separate entity and they can collect again from the hardworking taxpayers.

  5. Why cant they fund the camp with the profits from the adult homes?